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Fall Planting Resources

Thank you to all teachers who attended our Fall Planning and Planting Workshops! We took the opportunity to share resources, listen to ideas from garden leads from various schools, and hand out seeds & seedlings! If you have not yet prepared your garden beds, check out our Preparing Your Garden for Fall Planting post. Coordinating […]


Preparing Your Garden For Fall Planting

September and early October are excellent times to prepare your garden for the fall. A few preventative steps can help your crops stay healthy. As a reminder, our recommended fall planting week starts October 16th! You will receive your seeds during the Fall Planning and Planting Workshops or during a scheduled TKC Planting Day. Fall […]


Growing and Maintaining Your Garden in the Summer Time

Whether you planted a full garden of summer veggies or are growing a cover crop, summertime in Los Angeles County is a time for harvesting in the Learning Garden. Here we have some tips for making the best the of the long harvest window as well as keeping your garden healthy and strong through the […]


High School Teachers Apply Now – Stone Barns Summer 2017 Teacher Institute

Have you seen the Dan Barber episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix, or read his book The Third Plate? No, that’s ok! If you are a high school teacher in Chicago or LA you can go straight to the source for a ten-day intensive workshop at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in New York’s […]


L.A. Spring Harvest and Eat Workshop Recap

Our Spring Harvest and Eat workshop was a great success! Our workshops attracted teachers from Learning Garden schools throughout greater Los Angeles to learn and discuss all things related to harvesting, washing, and preparing produce from the garden. If you missed the workshop this spring, take a look at the info below which highlights the […]