25 Delicious Dairy-Free Desserts

Back in the day, it was a challenge to find delicious dairy free dessert recipes. However, thanks to exciting food innovations, it’s easier than ever to make delicious non dairy desserts.

There are a lot of reasons to not eat dairy products. Perhaps you’re vegan or vegetarian and want to avoid meat products. Or maybe you’re lactose intolerant. However, some people may avoid dairy because many dairy products are high in fat and they’re trying to lose weight. Dairy-free desserts can help.

Why would someone want dairy free desserts?

A person who is lactose intolerant may want lactose free desserts.

Homemade vegan keto chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips - healthy summer dessert.

Dairy-free desserts have gained popularity in recent years, driven by the rising numbers of people seeking alternative options to traditional dairy-based treats. Whether you have lactose intolerance, follow a vegan diet, or simply desire a healthier dessert choice, there is an array of delectable dairy-free desserts to satisfy your taste buds.

Exploring the world of dairy-free desserts opens up a new culinary adventure where you can indulge in guilt-free treats. From creamy puddings to rich chocolate cakes and delightful cookies, these desserts cater to a variety of palates without the use of dairy products like milk, cream, or butter. Many of these recipes utilize alternative plant-based ingredients such as almond milk, coconut cream, and vegan chocolate, ensuring that delicious flavors and textures are not compromised.

As you dive into the realm of dairy-free desserts, you may be pleasantly surprised by the numerous options available. Discovering new recipes and ingredients not only adds diversity to your dessert repertoire but also encourages mindful eating habits. Rest assured, your sweet tooth will be satisfied without feeling weighed down by guilt or the discomforts associated with consuming dairy products.

Also, people who are living a vegan lifestyle naturally want dairy free treats.

The good news is that it’s super easy to find easy dairy free desserts. Whether you’re looking for a great dairy free cake recipe for making your vegan BFF a birthday cake, dairy free pudding for a sweet and creamy treat, or dairy free cookie recipes to add to your arsenal, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve listed the best dairy free desserts we could find. Let’s dive in!

Source: thehiddenveggies.com

1. Vegan Oreo Cheesecake

Who knew Oreos were vegan? Yep, they are!

Now, to be clear, Oreos aren’t exactly the healthiest food on the planet, but if you’re craving a sweet treat and you’re following a vegan lifestyle, Oreos are a great option.

And who can resist cheesecake? Oh, and yes, this is a dairy free cheesecake to boot.

Do you need another reason to love this delicious creamy cheesecake? Well, it’s a no-bake cheesecake.

To make this cheesecake, you need to make vegan cream cheese, buy Tofutti’s vegan cream cheese, or find a Trader Joe’s to buy their non-dairy cream cheese.

The lemon juice adds the needed acidity to help the cream cheese set, as well as a pop of flavor.

Source: godairyfree.org

2. Sugar Cookies

When we were looking for dairy free cookie recipes, we were delighted to find a recipe for sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies are a timeless classic and people of all ages absolutely love them.

You can make these sugar cookies by scooping the dough to make round, fluffy cookies.

However, you can also roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make your favorite holiday cookies.

These sugar cookies can be made with either sustainable palm shortening or vegetable shortening.

Be sure to use pure vanilla extract, not the yucky imitation stuff. It really does make a difference.

To make these cookies, you can use your favorite unsweetened or plain dairy free milk.

Source: mamashire.com

3. Blueberry Coffee Cake

Did you think you were dreaming when you hoped for a lactose free cake?

We’re here to tell you that there are tons of great dairy free cake recipes online.

This yummy blueberry coffee cake is not just dairy free. It’s also gluten free. What’s not to love?

You can enjoy this cake for breakfast, brunch, as an afternoon snack with coffee, or even as dessert after dinner. It’s just that delicious!

The apple cider vinegar in this recipe adds a nice kick.

Also, you can use either fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries.

The streusel is made from gluten-free flour, and it’s seasoned with cinnamon.

Source: allthehealthythings.com

4. Lime Bars

Lemons and limes are similar, but there is just something so distinctive about the flavor of lime.

Key lime pie is a favorite southern pie, and you can enjoy the luscious and tangy taste of key lime pie in these light bars.

Besides being big on flavor, these zesty little bars are also vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and paleo-friendly.

Do you need another reason to love these key lime bars? They’re no-bake, too.

The crust for these bars is made from cashews, almond flour, cinnamon, and pitted dates.

The key lime filling for this vegan dessert is made from cashews, full-fat coconut milk, fresh lime juice, lime zest, coconut oil, maple syrup, and vanilla extract.

Source: minimalistbaker.com

5. Dairy Free and Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Bread

In the early days of gluten free living, it wasn’t easy to find gluten free cakes, bread, and cookies, that actually had a texture that resembled traditional baked goods.

All of that has changed because we now have such excellent gluten free flour products.

This delicious chocolate zucchini bread can be made in just one bowl, and we’re here for it.

To make this recipe, you need flax eggs, zucchini, coconut oil, and yummy applesauce.

The sweet flavor comes from coconut sugar and natural maple syrup. Gobs of cocoa powder give this bread a deliciously rich chocolate flavor.

Consider the mixture of oat flour, almond flour, and gluten free flour that the recipe author used.

Source: itdoesnttastelikechicken.com

6. Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Do you remember back in the old days when we used to have to make pudding on the stove-top? That warm pudding was so comforting!

This easy dairy free pudding is oozing with chocolate flavor and it does not disappoint.

You only need six ingredients to make this classic vegan chocolate pudding and you will be surprised to learn that it’s pudding that tastes very similar to what your grandmother used to make.

To thicken the pudding, you use cornstarch, just like the old-fashioned pudding recipe.

However, there is nothing old-fashioned about the rest of the ingredients. With plant-based milk such as soy milk, along with vegan butter, you’ve got a healthy pudding that you will love.

Source: thewheatlesskitchen.com

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Ice Cream

When you need ideas for gluten free and dairy free desserts, you may think your options are limited.

However, allow us to introduce you to an ice cream that is flavored with peanut butter and chocolate chips cookie dough.

Is this decadent or what?

This incredibly creamy peanut butter ice cream dessert recipe is made with a base of coconut milk, and the sweet taste comes from natural coconut sugar.

You can use an ice cream maker to make this delicious dairy free ice cream, or you can use a gadget like the Ninja Creami.

You will love how this non-dairy ice cream with dark chocolate chips melts in your mouth. Also, you can try this recipe with other nut butter.

Source: thefullhelping.com

8. Spiced Applesauce Cake

When you’re baking this delicious applesauce cake, your home will smell like a bakery (or your grandmother’s kitchen!).

This cake is almost impossible to mess up and it’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleasing recipe.

This cake doesn’t use eggs, so in addition to being a dairy free cake, it’s also a vegan cake.

The secret is in the spices. With ground ginger, cinnamon, ground cloves, and cardamom, this cake is absolutely aromatic and flavorful.

Instead of eggs, you use chia seed or flax, and the applesauce serves as a binding agent.

You can also use whatever type of oil you want, whether avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or safflower oil.

Source: whatgreatgrandmaate.com

9. Coconut Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

If you’re craving creamy and decadent ice cream, you will love this sea salt caramel ice cream that’s made with coconut milk.

The swirls of caramel are absolutely divine, and even better, this ice cream is made without refined sugars.

This vegan ice cream has all of the classic flavors and none of the bad stuff that is usually found in ice cream this rich.

Oh, and this ice cream is made with just six ingredients: full-fat coconut milk, full-fat coconut cream, pure vanilla extract, maple syrup, sea salt, and caramel sauce.

The caramel sauce is made from maple syrup, almond butter, sea salt, and coconut oil.

Source: rhiansrecipes.com

10. 5-Ingredient White Chocolate Truffles

When you hear the phrase chocolate truffles, you probably automatically think of decadence.

These vegan white chocolate truffles are definitely decadent, but they’re also as healthy as can be.

Besides being vegan, these white chocolate truffles are also free of refined sugar, gluten free, and they are a great treat if you’re following paleo.

If you prefer, you can use macadamia nuts instead of cashews.

Also, you can replace the cacao butter with coconut oil or coconut butter. Keep in mind that if you go with this substitution, your truffles will have a subtle coconut flavor.

Optionally, you can decorate your truffles with pistachios and dried raspberries.

Source: noracooks.com

11. Pumpkin Pie

When the holidays come around, you don’t have to give up your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. All you need to do is modify it so that it meets the needs of your vegan or non dairy lifestyle.

This pumpkin pie recipe has just nine ingredients and it’s so easy to make.

The recipe includes instructions for making a simple vegan pie crust.

If you can’t find the coconut cream that the recipe calls for, you can use full fat canned coconut milk. Just be sure to use as much as the creamy white part as possible.

Serve this delicious pumpkin pie with a dollop of dairy free whipped topping.

Source: lovingitvegan.com

12. Banana Cream Pie

A banana cream pie is one of the most popular pies in the world, and with good reason.

Banana cream pies are brimming with yummy banana flavor and this recipe is healthier than most.

The crust is made from vanilla Oreo cookies, and the creamy pudding is completely decadent.

We love that this recipe calls for layering the bananas over the Oreo crust.

The pudding portion of this pie is made with coconut milk, corn starch, sugar, pure vanilla extract, and salt, giving you a creamy vanilla cream pudding.

Banana cream pie is typically yellow because it’s made with egg yolks. If you want your pie yellow, use a dab of yellow food coloring.

Source: lifemadesimplebakes.com

13. Dairy-Free Brownies

We confess: it was startling to learn we could make homemade fudgy brownies with olive oil (or refined coconut oil) instead of butter.

These brownies aren’t vegan because they have eggs in them, but if you’re looking for dairy free brownies, these gems will soothe your chocolate craving.

For the chocolate goodness, this recipe calls for cocoa powder and dairy free chocolate chunks.

You can also use canola oil or safflower oil to make these chocolate brownies if that’s all you have in your cabinet.

Remember that brownies don’t do well if they’re baked in a glass pan, so be sure to use a metal pan to make these brownies.

Source: tfrecipes.com

14. Gin and Lime Coconut Macaroons

Anytime we can add gin to a recipe, we know we’re going to have some fun!

Don’t confuse macaroons with macarons. Macarons are challenging to make, but macaroons are usually chewy, big, and super easy to pull together.

This recipe calls for egg whites, but you don’t have to beat them until stiff peaks form. All you need to do is mix the egg whites with the gin, sugar, salt, lime zest, and almond extract until they’re nicely incorporated.

Then just fold in the coconut and drop these gorgeous little gems onto a baking sheet. You can also bake them in individual baking wafers.

The best part is when you dip the bottoms into your choice of dairy free chocolate.

Source: aroundmyfamilytable.com

15. Apple Fries

If you’ve ever visited LegoLand, you may have enjoyed (with your kiddos) some of their legendary apple fries. Well, we found a copycat recipe for this healthy and tasty treat.

Tart Granny Smith apples are used to make these apple fries, and they’re perfectly seasoned.

The secret to getting these apple fries just the way you want them is to coat them in cornstarch.

These fries are flavored with cinnamon and sugar.

If you have an air fryer, you can make your apple fries in that. Otherwise, just fry them up in a deep frying pot.

Serve your apple fries with a non-dairy whipped topping for sheer perfection.

Source: loveandlemons.com

16. Cranberry Pistachio Oat Bars

Anytime we can use cranberries in a recipe, we know it’s going to be a good day.

These gorgeous little pistachio oat squares are perfect when you add some dried cranberries.

With this recipe, you have some nutritious bars that are vegan and gluten free.

If you don’t have pistachios, that’s OK. You can easily make these bars with any type of nuts.

The rolled oats and nuts are ground together in a food processor, along with sea salt, maple syrup, and olive oil.

Fold in your dried cranberries with a fork. Be sure you look at the label and buy cranberries without added sugar.

Source: mydarlingvegan.com

17. Olive Oil Cake

We’ve become accustomed to enjoying creamy icing with our baked cakes, but you can enjoy the simple goodness of a delicious cake without frosting.

All over the world, classic cakes are served without sugary frosting.

This olive oil cake is moist and flavorful and it has all of the flavor it needs just as it is.

Be sure you use high-quality extra virgin olive oil for this cake.

Unsweetened applesauce serves as a binder for the rest of the ingredients.

For the milk, you can use cashew milk or soy milk, or any non-dairy milk.

If you like, you can dust this delicious simple cake with powdered sugar.

Source: minimalistbaker.com

18. Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, you can bake delicious and flaky homemade cinnamon rolls without using butter.

Cinnamon rolls can be complicated, time-consuming, and just overall difficult to make.

However, this recipe has only seven ingredients and it doesn’t even have difficult methods or complex steps.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to mess these up.

You can serve these without a glaze and they’re delicious enough to not need one.

However, if you want a glaze, that goes over the seven-ingredient count, of course.

You can also opt for a dairy free cream cheese frosting. Count us in!

Serve these homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

Source: simplywhisked.com

19. Dairy-Free Cupcakes with Frosting

In the past, it was super challenging to make cupcakes and frosting without using dairy products.

While you can use oil to make your cupcakes nice and moist, adding some yogurt or cream to the batter will make them much better.

And how could anyone even make a “buttercream” frosting without dairy products?

Well, in recent years, there has been an explosion of vegan butter and dairy free butter. Also, dairy free yogurt is now available.

All of these innovations have made it much easier to enjoy tasty treats like cupcakes with creamy frosting.

This recipe for cupcakes and frosting makes use of butter-flavored shortening and almond milk. You can modify this recipe to make a chocolate cake, too.

Source: hotforfoodblog.com

20. Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Few things are as delectable as cheesecake, and you can still enjoy the wonderful flavor of cheesecake if you’re following a dairy free diet.

These gorgeous little brightly-colored cheesecake bites are incredibly satisfying and they have all of the flavor of traditional cheesecake.

The crust for this vegan cheesecake has just four ingredients and the filling has only five ingredients.

Even better, these little vegan cheesecake bites are also gluten free.

The crust is made from Medjool dates, pecans, sea salt, and shredded coconut.

The filling for this vegan cheesecake is made from raw cashews, agave nectar, frozen strawberries, fresh lemon juice, and coconut oil.

Source: lemonandmocha.com

21. Chocolate Banana Tahini Soft Serve

Remember the joy of soft-serve ice cream from the dairy bar when you were growing up?

Well, now you’re probably eating a (mostly) grown-up diet, but the good news is that you can still enjoy the magical flavor and texture of soft-serve ice cream.

This “soft serve” ice cream is smooth and creamy, and it’s even topped with a magic shell that’s made of chocolate.

You will feel like you’ve been transported back to your childhood!

Our friend cauliflower comes into play for this recipe, and the luscious chocolate flavor comes from cocoa powder and dairy free chocolate chips.

Sliced bananas make this recipe super special.

Source: simpleveganblog.com

22. Bread Pudding

Traditionally, bread pudding is a quick and easy recipe to make to use up leftover bread.

However, you will want to bake bread just so you can make this comforting dairy free pudding.

The recipe for this bread pudding calls for just seven ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

Instead of eggs, simply use flax seeds. Bread pudding usually has milk, and for this recipe, you can use your favorite milk substitute.

Coconut oil is used to replace the butter usually found in bread pudding.

Feel free to jazz this bread pudding up by serving it with some ice cream or a sugar glaze.

Source: biancazapatka.com

23. Lemon Curd Tart

You will be surprised how quickly you can pull together a batch of these delicious little tarts.

Besides being dairy free, this lemon curd tart is also gluten free.

The crust is made with almonds, walnuts, and gluten free rolled oats. Medjool dates add tons of flavor and exquisite texture.

For the lemon curd filling, you need coconut milk, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, agar, sugar (or syrup), almond milk, and cornstarch.

We love that this recipe gets its gorgeous color from turmeric.

Make sure you pre-bake your crust and allow it to cool before adding your curd filling.

Garnish with fresh strawberries and lemon slices.

Source: ilovevegan.com

24. Raspberry Crumb Bars

These yummy and fruity raspberry crumble bars are made with three layers.

The bottom layer is a crumb-style crust made out of granola, the filling is made from chia seeds and tart-sweet raspberries, and the whole delicious recipe is topped off with a thick granola crumble that has coconut and pumpkin seeds.

The raspberry filling is sweetened and studded with bits of fresh raspberries that give a wonderfully sweet flavor and juicy texture.

To send these raspberry crumble bars over the top, serve them with dairy free ice cream or vegan whipped topping. Feel free to drizzle some dairy free chocolate syrup over the top!

Source: thehealthymaven.com

25. Pumpkin Blondies

Pumpkin spice flavors are incredibly popular during the holiday season, but with all of the wholesome goodness that comes with pumpkins, anytime is a good time to enjoy this hearty fruit.

Unlike some pumpkin spice treats, these pumpkin spice blondies actually do have pumpkin in them.

What are blondies, you ask? Well, a blondie is simply a brownie that’s “blonde.”

Besides being dairy free blondies, these tasty little bars can also be made gluten free.

Coconut palm sugar sweetens these yummy blondies, and the oil used is coconut oil.

To make these blondies gluten free, simply substitute your favorite gluten free flour. If you go the gluten free route, you may need to use slightly less almond milk.

Do you want even more dairy free dessert recipes? Watch this video below. That dairy free chocolate cake looks so decadent!

Homemade vegan keto chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips - healthy summer dessert.

Our 30+ BEST Dairy Free Desserts (+Five-Ingredient White Chocolate Truffles)

These recipes are sure to please. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 33 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 235 kcal


  • 1 cup cashew nuts
  • 1 ounce cacao butter
  • 3 Tbsp. pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract


  • Soak the cashews overnight or boil for 15 minutes.
  • Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
  • Adjust the flavor as needed.
  • Roll in chopped pistachios and raspberries.
  • Roll balls and refrigerate.


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Calories: 235kcal
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