Our 20+ Best Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes


Most people only think about dinner options when it comes to using their air fryer. However, there are tons of delicious air fryer breakfast recipes out there that are quicker and easier to make.

Check out these 21 incredible air fryer breakfast ideas that are sure to start your mornings off with a big smile!

Air Fryer Apple Pie Egg Rolls

This savory, sweet apple treat includes egg roll wrappers, apples, olive oil, and cinnamon.  In fact, it takes only 8 minutes to cook! Plus, it’s naturally sweetened!

Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

Another deliciously sweet air fryer breakfast treat is this recipe for blueberry muffins.

Air Fryer Apple Crisp

Another delicious apple air fry breakfast treat is this recipe for apple crisp featuring a crumbly topping and delicious sweet apples.

Air Fryer French Toast

This delicious French toast recipe is what breakfast in air fryer life is all about! The French toast has a beautiful golden-brown crust with a soft, moist, and fluffy inside.

Air Fryer Churros

Churros are another amazing breakfast air fryer meal you can make that is sinfully delicious! These hot and fresh, golden-brown churros are just what you need to face the day.

Air Fryer Hash Browns

Easy air fryer breakfast recipes don’t get much easier than making hash browns. These crispy, golden-brown potato patties are one of my favorite breakfast foods.

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