Best Ever Beef Burrito Recipe You Must Try

Soft tortilla wraps filled with savory ingredients and mouthwateringly delicious seasoned beef.

- Sunflower oil - Beef mince - Onion - Garlic cloves - Coriander - Cayenne pepper - Tomatoes - Sugar - Black beans - Rice - Wine vinegar - Tortillas


How to Make Beef Burrito Recipes

Step one is to heat the sunflower oil up in a large pan. Fry the onions for 5 minutes and then add seasoning such as oregano and garlic, cooking for one to two minutes.

Stir sugar into the beef mixture, and then pour a little vinegar over it. If you aren’t planning on freezing your burritos, this is when you can add chopped tomatoes to the beef mixture and stir it in.

Simmer your beef mix for around 5 minutes, and then add the black beans, continuing to simmer for an additional 20 minutes.

Take the tortillas out of their packaging and begin to heat them according to the instructions on their packaging.

Fold over the ends of the burrito in order to seal them so that the filling doesn’t fall out. Serve immediately, or leave to cool if you wish to freeze them.

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