Our 10+ Best Delicious Green Tomato Recipes

Green tomatoes aren’t nearly as common as its red version but they have a unique flavor that makes them great to throw into some recipes.

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Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, there are green tomato recipes that will satisfy your craving.

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If you’re wondering what to do with green tomatoes, just sit back and take note of your favorites from this post.

Green Tomato Toast

This green tomato toast recipe is perfect for breakfast because it’s bright and flavorful and good for you. You’ll need a green tomato slice, red onion, butter, salt, pepper, seasoning, and bread to make this dish.

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Green Tomato Relish

Instead of having a salsa with your green tomatoes, try out this green tomato relish. It’s similar to salsa but it has a different taste and texture.

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Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

There’s no doubt about it, fried food tastes better than most other dishes but what makes this dish even better than the others out there is how easy it is to make.

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Green Tomato Pie

The combination of flavors in this pie is off the charts and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Once you make it through, you’ll make up reasons just to try this delicious recipe again.

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