35+ Best Leftover Ham Recipes

If you have leftover ham, you have a good problem. You can make tons of delicious recipes with leftover ham, but you can also freeze your ham in recipe portions.

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To do this, just put 1-2 cups of ham into zip-top freezer bag and label it. Then, you have ham for future recipes. And that’s a good thing because few things are more delicious and versatile than leftover ham.

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We scoured the internet for the best 32 ham recipes for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Read on for the best leftover ham recipes.

Ham Hash

This easy recipe has a surprising flavor because it makes use of a granny smith apple, which adds an unexpected sweetness and tartness at the same time.

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Leftover Ham Salad

Ham salad doesn’t require much prep work at all, and it’s just creamy enough without being so creamy that it makes your bread or crackers soggy.

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Leftover Ham and Cheese Scones

Anytime you make scones, your friends and family are going to be thoroughly impressed. While scones are usually sweet, these savory scones are hearty enough for breakfast or brunch.

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Ham and Pineapple Rice

For this recipe, the ham is diced and the pineapple is cut into bite-sized chunks. A little bit of pineapple juice adds an even more delicate sweetness.

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