16+ Delicious Side Dishes for Fried Chicken Dinners (You'll Love)

Fried chicken is one of the ultimate comfort foods and it’s easy to see why when it’s coated with delicious deep-fried batter.

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When cooked right, the crispy outer layer blends perfectly with the juicy, tender chicken underneath. Throw in some ketchup or gravy on the side and it’ll remind you of home.

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Try these 16 fried chicken sides the next time your frying up some chicken and give into the southern comfort temptation.


The crumbly bread is a perfect complement to your tender and crunchy chicken.  It’s also great for soaking up any leftover gravy you had with your fried chicken.

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Baked Potatoes

Sour cream, cheese, butter, bacon, and chives all go well inside your potato. Load it up enough and you might have just made yourself another meal to go with your chicken.

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Potato Salad

Mashed potatoes go great with fried chicken, but potato salad is a refreshing side that almost compliments your chicken even more.

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Hush Puppies

Hush puppies are often reserved for seafood but they go just as well with any fried chicken recipe you can find.

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