12 Best Tofu Recipes

Tofu is perhaps the most misunderstood food in the world. Far too many people think tofu recipes are bland. Little do they know that tons of incredible tofu dishes will make them forget about meat.

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Healthy tofu recipes don’t have to be a “sacrifice,” or a chore to make or eat. You can find many tofu diner recipes with all the familiar flavors and textures you love in meat dishes without downsides.

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If you’re wondering, “What to make with tofu?” We’ve got at least a dozen fantastic suggestions. Here you’ll find 12 of the best tofu recipes that are sure to impress even the most insistent “tofu hater.”

Perfect Pan-Fried Tofu

If you’re craving takeout, but want a delicious alternative to meat, then this recipe for sweet and spicy pan-fried tofu is just the thing to satisfy.

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Easy Tofu Scramble

This recipe for tofu scramble creates deviously fluffy, flavorful tofu that looks just like eggs with a savory flavor thanks to the turmeric. 

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Tofu Ramen

In this recipe for tofu ramen, we have seasoned tofu swimming in a savory broth with noodles and lots of delicious veggies. This meal is easy to make, filling, and has more flavor than you can shake a chopstick at!

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Tofu Parmigiana

The total time to make this dish is only 30 minutes, and we guarantee after you set this in front of anyone afflicted with tofu avoidance syndrome, their mouths will water despite themselves.

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