10+ Delicious Canned Salmon Recipes


Are you wondering what to do with canned salmon? If you’ve got some canned salmon in your pantry, consider this your lucky day because we’re going to show you exactly what to do with it.

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Ready for some creative ideas for your canned salmon? Let’s explore these 11 amazing canned salmon recipes.

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Salmon Black Bean Burritos

This canned salmon recipe is loaded with veggies, including black beans, tomatoes, green chiles, and onion.  The seasoning for this recipe comes from cumin, chili pepper, sea salt, and black pepper.

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Salmon Chowder

If you love seafood chowder, you should try this delicious recipe. This homemade chowder tastes gourmet, but it’s ready to serve in minutes unless you opt to use fresh salmon.

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Salmon Spring Rolls

If you want a light lunch menu item, you will love this recipe for delicious salmon spring rolls. The sweet chili marinade is made with fresh lime juice, sesame oil, Asian red chili paste, toasted sesame seeds, honey, and garlic.

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Salmon Patties

Salmon cakes are easy to make and most of the ingredients are right there in your pantry. You can also use fresh salmon or smoked salmon, too.

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Salmon Salad Sandwich

Sometimes you just want a tasty sandwich, but that doesn’t mean lunch has to be boring.  This salmon sandwich salad recipe is exciting in all the ways a sandwich can be.

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