30+ Delicious Cottage Cheese Recipes


Cottage cheese recipes aren’t exactly glamorous or exciting at first glance. However, what makes cottage cheese magical is that it can be adapted to so many different recipes and uses.

With cottage cheese, you can create sensational sides, marvelous main dishes like lasagna, and decadent desserts. Let's dive into these delicious cottage cheese recipes.

Whipped Cottage Cheese Dip

You can use this creamy dip for chips, crackers, veggies, and more. But is it creamy? But is it creamy? You bet it is! The cottage cheese is put into a blender or food processor and pureed until it’s silky smooth.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Busy health-conscious moms have been using cottage cheese to make pancakes for decades. The pancakes are just as yummy as pancakes made with other ingredients.

Baked Rotini

Sometimes we have dreams of a one-pot lasagna, and those recipes are out there. However, this baked rotini also fills our needs and the rotini gives this dish a different kind of texture that is amazing.

Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese

Stuffed tomatoes are not just pretty. They’re also incredibly delicious. Even better? These cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes aren’t cooked. They make wonderful appetizers or finger foods if the tomatoes are small enough.

Mexican Cottage Cheese Dip

Everyone seems to love Tex-Mex food, and the famous seven-layer dip is an all-time crowd favorite. One fun thing to do is to make individual little sips in small tasting food containers.

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