30+ Delicious Seafood Recipes

Most seafood is light with a uniquely soft texture. Meats like fish, shrimp, and scallops retain flavor, allowing you to make a wide variety of meals.

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This is why there are so many fantastic seafood ideas that bring out the unique flavor seafood brings to the table.

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When it comes to seafood dinner ideas, the sky is truly the limit as you can find ways to cook just about any animal that swims.

Blackened Salmon

Another savory blackened cajun dish that gives you a taste of New Orleans cuisine is blackened salmon. This recipe features flakey, perfectly seasoned salmon fillets in a delicious lemon butter sauce that’s to die for!

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Poke Bowl

Poke bowls are a traditional Hawaiian dish with very strong Japanese influences. This dish usually features diced fish in the form of salmon, tuna, or octopus, marinated in savory Asian seasonings.

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Pesto Salmon

If you’re like me, you simply can’t get enough Pesto. And this pesto sheet pan salmon recipe also features savory thyme potatoes that will knock your socks off!

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Creamy Shrimp Pasta

Juicy shrimp in a creamy Alfredo sauce with savory noodles and mushrooms, what’s not to love? Best of all, this recipe is quick and easy and doesn’t use heavy cream. But, you won’t know that by tasting it!

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