27+ Easy Hawaiian Recipes (You Must Try)

You can bring all the exotic flavors right into your kitchen with these authentic Hawaiian recipes.

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Hawaiian food is tropical and uses a combination of ingredients you’re probably not used to, which gives it that unique flavor.

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Dig into one of these recipes the next time you’re trying to have a Hawaiian dinner night with the family.

Furikake Snack Mix

This is a tropical version of your trail mix because it has some of the same great flavors but adds a slight ocean twist.

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Hawaiian Fried Rice

This is a great side to serve with a chicken or pork dish because you can even cut some of your meat and throw it right into the fried rice.

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Mai Tai

It’s popular in tiki culture because of the exotic flavors and wonderful colors, but you can have it anywhere in the world.

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Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

This dish goes best with some grass skirts and some luau music playing in the background!

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