10+ Easy Leftover Prime Rib Recipes

When you’re cooking a dish as delicious as prime rib, you would think that every morsel would be devoured pretty quickly.

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If you have leftover prime rib (or even leftover pot roast), you have a good problem. Nothing is more delicious to re-use in leftovers the next day than delicious leftover prime rib.

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In this post, I will cover the best leftover prime rib recipes to provide you with some inspiration!

Penne Pasta With Leftover Prime Rib

There’s nothing more delicious than prime rib with carbs, and this penne pasta with leftover prime rib is no exception. This is a recipe that the whole family will get excited about.

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Leftover Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich 

If you like French dip, this sandwich is the perfect recipe for you. This recipe is all about a delicious Au Jus for you to dip your sandwich in.

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Leftover Prime Rib Hash 

A hash is a recipe I love to do for brunch, and what better way to use up your leftovers than with a prime rib hash! In a pan, start frying the potatoes with onions until both are well softened.

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Beef Barley Soup With Leftover Prime Rib 

This is another delicious, warming recipe that helps you use up leftover prime rib. It is super easy to make and requires really basic ingredients that aren’t difficult to get your hands on.

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