Easy & Quick Hot Lunch Ideas

Maybe you eat lunch at home if you work from home. On the other hand, if you go to an office, eating a cold lunch gets boring. 

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It’s nice to have a hot and satisfying lunch sometimes. The great thing about these recipes is that you can meal prep them.

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Use these quick lunch ideas that are packed with flavor and give you a warm meal to keep you going in the middle of your day.

Mac and Cheese Cups

This mac and cheese recipe is a great way to fit in an easy lunch but you’ll want to add some more ingredients to bulk it up.

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Nothing could be simpler than a filet-o-fish because it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients and is a great meal on a budget.

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Savory Smoked Salmon Crepes

This smoked salmon recipe is great if you want a quick lunch because it’s easy to make and has only four ingredients.

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Savory Pesto Mushroom Oatmeal

This dish is made from rolled oats, onion, garlic, and mixed herbs but feel free to use whatever spices you have on hand for the best flavor.

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