Easy Healthy 14 Leftover Salmon Recipes

Salmon is one of those proteins that don’t last as long as a good piece of meat. In addition to rich protein, salmon offers several other nutritional benefits, so it’s always a great fish to serve to your family and guests.

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So if you’re wondering what to do with leftover salmon, the choices here will help you get started and turn your leftovers into an entirely different dish.

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Sit back and choose your favorites from the 14 best leftover salmon recipes here so you can have less waste and more great-tasting food.

Salmon Nicoise Salad

The Nicoise salad is French and usually includes hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, green beans, olives, anchovies, and tuna. This is a good lunch dish when you’re in a hurry but also want something healthy.

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Salmon Fried Rice

The richness of this fish compliments fried rice very well and you will find that leftover salmon almost has a sweet taste to it when you combine it with other ingredients in this dish.

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Salmon and Egg Scramble

If you’re looking for an easy recipe to incorporate your salmon this is your go-to option. All you need is to cook your ingredients and then mix them into a scramble with egg, cheese, and salmon pieces.

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Salmon Soufflé

Salmon soufflé is a popular choice for a leftover recipe because it doesn’t take much effort to put together but the end result tastes wonderful.

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