How Long to Microwave A Potato: Cook a Baked Potato

There are many different foods and dishes that you can actually cook in a microwave. Some of the best dishes are those made with potatoes.

So, how long should you microwave a potato for? This, as with cooking any food, depends on several factors. These factors are: – Size – Potato type – Microwave strength – Cooking intentions

– Microwavable dish – Knife – Fork


How Long to Microwave A Potato: Cook a Baked Potato

Pierce the potato. This is a very important step. As the potato cooks, steam will build up inside it. If you don’t give the steam somewhere to escape, then the potato will potentially explode.

So, to stop your lunch from exploding, you should pierce the skin and flesh of the potato when it is raw. It is best to do this with a fork.

Simply take a fork and stab the potato a few times. Try to get a little bit into the flesh but not too far. The most important thing is to pierce the skin.

Place on a microwavable plate/dish. This is another important step for microwaving any food.

Season the potato. This isn’t a step that many people choose to follow as you can easily season the potato after you have cooked it. But whichever you choose please, people, season your food.

As you have already pierced the potato skin, any seasoning will leak down into the potato as it cooks. This is a much more efficient option than adding seasoning afterward.

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