Our 14 Delicious Leftover Salmon Recipes

In addition to rich protein, salmon offers several other nutritional benefits, so it’s always a great fish to serve to your family and guests. What can you do with leftover salmon?

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Choose your favorites from the 14 best leftover salmon recipes, so you can have less waste and more great-tasting food.

Coconut Curry Salmon

The curry has strong flavors that will help to cover up any day-old salmon taste. You can serve it over some rice so that it is a bit more filling.

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Salmon Cakes

When you fry up some salmon into a homemade cake you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this recipe before. It’s definitely one of the top rated salmon recipes.

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Salmon Quiche

Having a quiche is a perfect way to throw in some of your leftover roasted salmon because the dish works with practically any ingredients.

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Leftover Salmon Pasta Salad

What’s great about this salmon pasta salad is that you can make it with either canned salmon or leftover grilled salmon. It’s such a versatile salad that you can serve it as the main course.

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Salmon Pasta

There are few dishes that integrate perfectly with leftover wild salmon as a creamy pasta dish. The alfredo-like sauce matches perfectly with the leftover fish because it adds some depth.

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