Our 40+ Delicious Light Dinner Ideas


If you’re looking for an evening meal that will not make you feel like going to sleep for a thousand years, light dinner ideas are the way to go.

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Here we’ve gathered 40 exciting light dinner recipes that are big on flavor and small on carbs and calories.

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Sheet Pan Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

It’s fast and easy to make and brings together so many amazing textures and flavors. Plus, you can switch things up with other veggies like carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and more.

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Thai Sweet Chili Chicken Buddha Bowl

This Buddha Bowl with Thai sweet chili chicken brings together juicy sweet chili chicken and tons of veggies in a sweet chili dressing that you’ll absolutely love.

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Pesto Bruschetta Chicken

This delicious chicken bruschetta recipe doesn’t add additional balsamic reduction or cheese. It’s simple, flavorful, and very easy to make.

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Mediterranean Zucchini Boats

Another fun meatless meal combines chickpeas, feta, peppers, quinoa, olives, onion, and zesty garlic, lemon, and oregano seasoning stuffed inside zucchini for a hearty, nutritious meal that delivers lots of delicious taste.

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Rainbow Pasta Salad

This delicious Italian Antipasto rainbow pasta salad makes for an amazing side dish or main course. Plus, it’s whipping it together is a breeze.

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