Our 15+ BEST Luau Party Food Recipes (You'll Love)

Hawaiian luau food has a unique tropical taste with many Asian cuisine influences but an island attitude all its own.

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Food for a Hawaiian luau usually incorporates the flavor of pineapple. However, there’s a lot more to luau food ideas than just throwing pineapple into the mix.

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Luau Party Food Recipes

Here we’ve listed of some of the very best Hawaiian luau party food ideas.

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Hawaiian Salsa

For this recipe, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients: diced pineapple, diced orange pepper, diced red pepper, diced red onion, minced cilantro, lime zest, fresh lime juice, and salt.

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Pineapple Cream Popsicles

For this cool treat, the ingredients you’ll need include crushed pineapple, pineapple juice, and heavy whipping cream. Creating this fun recipe is super easy.

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Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Bites

The only ingredients you need for this recipe are bacon, Worcestershire sauce, fresh pineapple chunks, honey, fresh ginger, soy sauce, ketchup, pineapple juice, and sriracha or hot chili sauce.

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Grilled Ham and Pineapple Kabobs

Another favorite pork and pineapple dish is this recipe for grilled pineapple and ham kabobs. They are super easy to put together, and you can throw them right on the grill for that authentic BBQ flavor.

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Aloha Burgers

This is truly a monstrous beef burger with savory and sweet homemade pineapple teriyaki sauce, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion topped with spicy mayo, and a delicious golden grilled pineapple ring between two toasted Hawaiian buns.

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