20+ Delicious Meatball Sauce Recipes

The only thing better than having a savory and tasty meatball is having on is a deliciously made meatball sauce.

Here are all the different sauces for meatballs you can enjoy when your family wants something tasty and you want it to be nice and easy.

Hawaiian Sauce

You can serve it over rice or even in sandwiches but there’s something extra special about having it with meatballs.

Marinara Sauce

The marinara sauce is one of the most famous meatball sauces around and it’s one of the main ingredients in tons of Italian foods.

Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Having this one on meatballs will give you a flavor you might not want to live without so go ahead and stick the leftovers in the fridge to use for later.

Swedish Meatball Sauce

It’s thick and creamy comfort food but has a bit of a tangy bite to it, so you don’t have to worry about it being too bland.

Sour Cream Sauce

This is another sauce that might not look like much on the outside but it’s a hidden gem when it comes to taste. It’s a very simple recipe that only takes a few minutes.

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