Our BEST Flank Steak Recipes

The best thing about a flank steak recipe is it doesn’t take a ton of time to make because they are mostly sitting in the grill cooking on their own.

– Olive oil – Garlic cloves – Red wine vinegar – Soy sauce – Raw honey – Black pepper


Step 1: 

Marinate the steak. Take all of your marinating ingredients and toss them into a food-safe bowl. Mix them thoroughly so they get evenly mixed.

Step 2:

Place steak inside the bowl and make sure every surface is covered with the marinade.

Step 3: 

Prepare your grill like you normally would but make sure you leave space for one side of the grill to receive indirect heat instead of the high, direct heat a flame would produce.

Step 4:

You’ll know the grill is ready when you put your hand about one inch over the direct, high heat and you can only leave it there for about one second.

Step 5: 

Grill the steak. When the grill is ready, take your flank steak out of the marinade and gently shake off any extra marinade over the sink.

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