35+ Picnic Food Ideas

There’s something so different and refreshing about eating outside. Whether you’re eating sandwiches, cold fried chicken, or just chips and dip, everything just tastes better outdoors.

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A picnic is a perfect way to enjoy a date with someone special, time with your family, or even spend time by yourself.

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That’s where the picnic food ideas on this list come into play! You’re sure to get inspired by this list of picnic ideas that will have you and your significant other satisfied and soaking up the sun.

Corn Pudding

If your picnic day is going to be packed with savory bbq meats, there is one side you need to bring and that’s corn pudding. The sweet and delicious flavor goes really well with the savory and satiating bbq.

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Macaroni Salad

You’ve probably had a traditional macaroni salad and nothing can be better than a cooling pasta salad on a warm picnic day.

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Egg Salad Sandwich

Just like with chicken salad, egg salad sandwiches are a classic picnic dish to make. Refreshing flavors are sure to cool you down while you’re enjoying a day in the warm sun.

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Tuna Wraps

Try out this tuna wrap recipe that doesn’t have a ton of ingredients and won’t take up a bunch of time. Of course, you can add any ingredients you like to make this tuna melt that really speaks to you and your picnic date.

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