21+ Delicious Rice Side Dishes


You can create rice side dishes that serve as the perfect vegetarian or vegan meal On the other hand, a rice side dish is perfect to go with any meat, including beef, chicken, turkey, and pork.

Rice dish recipes can be sweet, as with coconut rice. However, some of our favorite rice side dish recipes are savory. Think Southwestern rice, classic rice pilaf, or cheesy spinach rice. Let’s check out these 21 easy rice side dishes.

Cheesy Spinach Rice

We love this spinach rice recipe that’s made with cheddar cheese. This recipe also calls for finely grated Romano cheese and heavy cream (or milk), so it’s creamy with a super cheesy flavor.

Curried Rice

Another one-pot rice side dish, curried rice is a great side for Indian food main entrees. You can also make curried rice an entrée by itself by adding chicken, seafood, or tofu.

Broccoli and Cheese Rice

Perhaps one of the most popular rice side dishes for chicken, broccoli and cheese rice casserole is perfect for a hearty dinner side dish.

Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is made using a short-grained Arborio rice from Italy. Arborio rice has a starch content that is higher than that in other starches, and this results in a creaminess when the risotto is cooked.

Brown Rice Apple Salad

We love this rice salad recipe because it’s easy to double or triple it. This gives you not just a hearty and delicious lunch or dinner, but also plenty of leftovers that are ideal for meal prepping.

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