50+ Best Salad Recipes You'll Love


Everyone loves a salad of one type or another. Whether your favorite salad is a simple green salad or a complex salad with meat and pasta, there’s something on this list that will satisfy your cravings.

We’ve got all kinds of delicious salads, such as summer salads, pasta salads, dinner salad recipes, and more. These easy salad recipes take almost no time to whip together and taste amazing.

Lemon Kale Salad

This simple recipe for fresh and light Lemon Kale Salad really shakes things up with ingredients such as fresh kale, lemon juice, vegan parmesan, slivered almonds, sliced apples, and golden raisins.

Italian Pasta Salad

This recipe for Italian Pasta Salad is one of the best dinner salad recipes in town.

Chinese Garlic Cucumber Salad

Shake things up a bit with this delicious recipe for Chinese Garlic Cucumber Salad, made with crisp and crunchy cucumber and a savory Asian dressing.

Asian Chopped Salad

Another delicious Asian salad is this recipe for Asian Chopped Salad, featuring tons of colorful, crisp veggies.

Chickpea Greek Salad

Taking a trip to the Mediterranean, we have this fantastic recipe for Chickpea Greek Salad, made with traditional Mediterranean superfoods.

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