Our 13+ Best Sides for Lasagna (You'll Love)


Lasagna is an excellent meal, but when you serve this classic Italian casserole with enticing side dishes such as garlic bread or a salad, you have a full meal that is nice enough to serve to company.

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This cheesy dish by itself is so hearty that it’s basically a full meal, so do you really need side dishes for lasagna? To discover what to serve with lasagna, check out our list of 13 delicious side dishes for lasagna here.

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Green Salad

When it comes to sides for lasagna, you can’t go wrong with a fresh and colorful green salad and bread. Lasagna is a dish with lots of cheese that’s high in calories.

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Roasted Veggies

Any type of roasted vegetables are delicious when served with lasagna, but this is one of the side dishes for lasagna that uses Brussels sprout and green beans.

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When you’re serving lasagna, there’s almost nothing better you can offer your family or guests than a delicious antipasto platter for appetizers.

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Wedge Salad

The iceberg lettuce is refreshing and crisp, and the salad is topped off with juicy cherry tomatoes cut in half, creamy blue cheese salad dressing, crispy real bacon bits, and beautiful crumbles of blue cheese.

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Bread Sticks

Breadsticks are a great side for nearly any meal or even as a complementary side dish for salad. Best of all, when you’ve mastered your favorite easy breadsticks recipe, you can make them anytime you want.

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