40+ Healthy Smoothie Recipes


Smoothies have been popular for a long time. The great thing is that smoothies can be sweet, green, spicy, fruity, or creamy, depending on how you make them.

Want something sweet? Something healthy? Something packed with protein? These easy smoothie recipes hit all the notes. Here, you’ll get the best smoothies that only take 10 minutes to make with a blender.

PB and J Smoothie

The classic sandwich flavor can be added to your smoothie and you’ll be shocked at the flavors. Use this as an afternoon snack when you want something lighter than a meal but still want some good nutrients in your body.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Looking for simple smoothie recipes? Try this one out from Chocolate Covered Katie. Sticking with a simple strawberry smoothie helps you get the exact flavor you want with nothing else holding it back.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie Recipe

The sweet flavors of strawberries and mangoes together can’t be denied. Mangoes are packed with fiber and vitamin C so you know you’re drinking a healthy beverage when you drink this one.

Banana Smoothie Recipe

Just like the strawberry smoothie, this ripe banana smoothie is simple to make and hits the exact flavor you want. Of course, you could add a ton of different flavors to this and it will still taste great.

Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A classic fruit smoothie is where it all starts for many of us. Use your favorite fruits and throw them in a blender to make the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors you so desire.

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