Our 12 Best Delicious Tofu Recipes

Tofu has been around for hundreds of years because it was first found in China. This protein-rich food is made from soy milk that has been condensed and pressed into solid blocks.

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Healthy tofu recipes don’t have to be a “sacrifice,” or a chore to make or eat. You can find many tofu diner recipes with all the familiar flavors and textures you love in meat dishes without downsides.

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Best Tofu Recipes 

Here you’ll find the best tofu recipes that are sure to impress even the most insistent “tofu hater.”

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Easy BBQ Tofu

Chrispy BBQ tofu one is one of our favorite fir tofu recipes because it takes all of the smoky flavors and textures of meat BBQs and transforms them into one mind-blowing vegan dish.

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Easy Tofu Tacos

Another one of our favorite tofu dinner ideas is this recipe for tofu tacos with jalapeno-cilantro ranch. This recipe will take your tofu experience to a whole new level.

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Tofu Stir Fry

This delicious stir-fry is loaded with a savory sesame-ginger flavor, and the tofu comes out crispy without frying.

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Easy Marinated Tofu

Marinated Tofu is one of our favorite tofu dinner recipes that’s full of incredible flavor. Quite simply, this is some of the best tofu you’ll ever taste!

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Quick Tofu Crumbles

Tofu crumbles make for a fabulous addition to any healthy meal like a salad or pasta meal. But, it can also be used as a delicious alternative to taco meat and chicken.

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