15 Delicious Tuna Steak Sides

Are you wondering what to eat with fish like a tuna steak or other seafood recipes? We’re talking about a delicious thick ahi tuna steak or yellowfin tuna steak that’s full of flavor, and if you’re looking for tuna steak sides, we’ve got you covered!

A thick tuna steak is one of the luxuries when it comes to seafood, and it’s easy to cook it at home. If you’re cooking your own tuna steak, you probably wonder what you can serve with it.

Tasty Tuna Steak Sides

Are you ready to explore these delicious ahi tuna steak side dishes? Let’s dive in and learn what goes beautifully with a tuna steak and other fish!

Lemon Broiled Asparagus

Do you need ideas about what to serve with seared tuna? Try this tender asparagus recipe where the asparagus spears are broiled with lemon juice.

English Muffin and Eggs

How do you like the idea of serving your fish steak with eggs and an English muffin? It’s a unique meal idea, but hey, we love fish and a tuna steak and this sounds delicious!

Salted Chips

Perhaps the easiest of the tuna steak side dishes or any fish and seafood dish is simple salted potato chips. The vinegar tang in these chips is also perfect with fish.

Fried Green Beans

To make the dipping sauce for these fried green beans, buy hot sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, the white parts of green onions, horseradish, and minced garlic.

Fried Teriyaki Sauce Veggies

Which veggies to use for this recipe? The best part is that you can use fresh or frozen veggies, and that can be onions, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and more.

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