Fall 2017 Chicago Learning Garden Workshops

We’re looking forward to another year of gardening, teaching and learning in Chicago. To help support teachers work with their Learning Gardens, we will be leading several garden workshops in the coming months. All workshops are from 4:30 – 6:30pm (unless otherwise noted), free of charge to TKC network teachers, and CPDU and STEM credits are always available. See below for more information and links to register!


Back-to-School Workshop: August 15 – 17

Join us for our annual back-to-school workshop to learn how to harvest your summer crops and transition to a fall garden, swap ideas with colleagues about utilizing a mature garden as a tool for teaching, and build community over a catered lunch. Also pick up fall material resources: cool weather seedlings, seeds, and organic fertilizer.

August 15 (12-2pm.): Back-to-School Workshop at Gary Comer Youth Center

August 16 (12-2pm): Back-to-School Workshop at Courtenay Elementary

August 17 (12-2pm): Back-to-School Workshop at Cather Elementary


Office of Student Health & Wellness PD (Harvesting & Tracking): August 22

Join us to prepare a classroom snack from the garden and discuss four meaningful ways you can utilize the harvests from your school garden. We’ll share resources to help track your harvests, which can generate excitement and buy-in from the school community by showcasing the success and impact of your school garden!

August 22 (8am-3pm): Chicago High School for Agricultural Science (sign up on the Learning Hub by searching Course Code 37430)


Winter Learning Garden Workshop: October 18 – 19 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Wind down the growing season by learning how to harvest your fall garden, grow garlic, and plant cover crops to protect your soil throughout the winter. Your efforts this fall will ensure a healthy garden next spring!

Garden Resources: Winter Garden Plan, and garlic bulbs
Classroom Resources: Seed saving and harvesting

REGISTER HERE! Wednesday, October 18 4:30-6:30: Chopin Elementary, 2450 W Rice St (North/Central)

REGISTER HERE! Thursday, October 19 4:30-6:30: Morrill Elementary, 6011 S Rockwell St (South)

Worm Composting Workshop: January 24 – 25 4:30-6:30

Walk away from this workshop with everything you need to create nutrient-rich compost for your Learning Garden, right in your classroom. Your students will love their worms!

Garden Resources: Classroom worm composting kit (instructions, bin, bedding, and worms)
Classroom Resources: Decomposition, soil, and worms

Wednesday, January 24 4:30-6:30: Jahn Elementary, 3149 N Wolcott Ave (North)
Thursday, January 25 4:30-6:30: Chavez Elementary, 4747 S Marshfield Ave (South)