BEST Air Fryer Chicken Legs Recipe

If you’ve been looking for the perfect fried chicken recipe to make in your Ninja Foodi or another type of air fryer, you’ll love these air fryer chicken legs.

– Chicken drumsticks – Italian seasoning – Brown sugar – Paprika – Olive oil – Sea salt – Black Pepper


How To Make Air Fryer Chicken Legs Recipe

Use a paper towel to pay dry the chicken legs. When the chicken legs are completely dry, add the dried chicken legs to a medium bowl.

In a separate small bowl, combine the Italian seasoning, smoked paprika, lightly packed brown sugar, sea salt, and black pepper.

Add the extra virgin olive oil to the bowl containing the chicken drumsticks.

Sprinkle all of the spices and seasonings from the other bowl into the bowl with the chicken legs.

Toss all of the ingredients together until the chicken drumsticks are completely coated.

With the skin side down, put the chicken drumsticks in the air fryer basket.

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