Our Best & Quick Tender Beef Cube Recipes

What are beef cubes? Beef cubes are also known by several other terms, including steak bites, steak cubes, stew beef, beef tips, cubed steak, or beef chunks.

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Do you have a pack of beef cubes and wonder if there are any easy beef chunks recipes out there?

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Tender Beef Cube Recipes

If so, you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up the best 12 beef chuck cubes recipes we could find.

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Mongolian Beef

Tender Mongolian beef is one of the most beloved meat recipes, and we love serving this delicious meat dish over rice. This particular cube steak recipe is full of ginger and garlic, so you know it’s so delicious.

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Mexican Carne Guisada

To create this flavorful stew, you need beef chunks or cube steak chunks that are simmered in a delicious brown gravy until they’re so tender they fall apart.

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Beef Wellington Bites

We adore a tender and flavorful beef wellington, so we think these beef wellington cube steak bites are absolutely perfect (and lots of fun!).

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Cajun Butter Steak Bites

These Louisiana-flavored Cajun butter steak bites don’t even need a marinade, so they’re ready to cook in just 10 minutes.

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