10+ Best Nutritious Vegetable Smoothies

A vegetable smoothie is almost too good to be true. Not only are they cold and refreshing, but they are also packed full of nutritious veggies and fruits.

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For busy weekday mornings, there’s nothing better than a delicious cold veggie smoothie. If you don’t eat breakfast or prefer a light breakfast, veggie smoothies are the way to go.

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Here, we’ve put together a list of 11 of the best veggie drinks featuring the best vegetables for smoothies.

Sweet Potato Smoothie

This recipe uses sweet potatoes, water, vanilla protein powder, roasted cashews, cinnamon, and sea salt to create an unbelievably delicious treat.

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Celery Smoothie

The ingredients in this smoothie include celery, baby spinach, green apple, frozen banana, avocado, lemon juice, freshly grated ginger, and vanilla extract.

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Spinach Smoothie

The ingredients for this recipe include baby spinach, a fuji apple core, frozen pineapple chunks, chia seeds, and unsweetened almond milk.

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Carrot Smoothie

Carrots are sweet and crunchy root veggies that offer unique flavors in juice form. But, when juiced, you lose many valuable properties such as fiber. This carrot smoothie recipe gives you the best of both worlds and other delicious flavors.

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