Our 10+ BEST Vermicelli Recipes

If you’re a fan of Vietnamese or Chinese cuisine, you are probably familiar with vermicelli noodles.

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However, vermicelli isn’t just delicious in Chinese and Vietnamese recipes. Several cuisines in the world use vermicelli, and even Mexico has a delicious simple soup that they make with vermicelli and tomato sauce.

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Vermicelli noodles are great because of how quickly they cook. They’re also super versatile. You can use vermicelli noodles in everything from soup to stir-fry recipes.

Lemongrass Vermicelli Salad

This salad recipe is sometimes called Bun Ga Nuong, and it features juicy chicken thighs that have been marinated with lemongrass.

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Fried Rice Vermicelli

This stir fry rice vermicelli is also called fried bee hoon. This is a super easy vegan meal that is ready in less than 30 minutes. 

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Lebanese Rice with Vermicelli

In Lebanese homes, this vermicelli recipe is a staple. Even better, this recipe is made with only three ingredients: vermicelli noodles, long-grain rice, and extra virgin olive oil.

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Vegan Vermicelli Noodle Bowls

You will fall in love with these delicious vegan Vietnamese noodle bowls. The vermicelli noodles are topped with lemongrass flavored tofu and this recipe is gluten free.

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