Our 30+ Delicious Cherry Tomato Recipes

Are you wondering what to do with fresh cherry tomatoes? We’re here to help with delicious cherry tomato recipes and grape tomato recipes.

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Certainly, you can get cherry tomato recipe ideas from any recipe that calls for tomatoes. However, these cherry tomatoes recipes were made just for the unique burst of flavor that you get with ripe cherry tomatoes.

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We have a main dish cherry tomato pasta recipe, Caprese salad, cherry tomato salad recipe ideas, and delicious cherry tomato pizza.  If you’re ready to dive into some delicious cherry tomatoes recipe ideas, keep reading.

Cherry Tomato Confit

To preserve your cherry tomatoes, you can either can them whole, make tomato sauce (or tomato paste), jar up some pickled cherry tomatoes, or prepare this delicious comfit.

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Succotash is a beloved Southern dish that features lima beans, corn, and tomatoes. Your fresh cherry tomatoes will be perfect in this classic recipe.

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Cherry Tomato Pizza

This cherry tomato pizza is super special because it’s made with fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and a ball of burrata. You can use homemade pizza dough or store-bought pizza dough.

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Cantaloupe and Cherry Tomato Salad Recipe

Cantaloupe is so cool and refreshing, and when you combine cool cantaloupe balls with halved cherry tomatoes, you have a winning salad side dish or the perfect light lunch.

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