Our 25+ DELICIOUS Grouper Recipes

If you’re trying to eat more fish and have discovered how delicious grouper is, you’re going to be delighted with this extensive list of grouper recipes.

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Whether it’s the Mediterranean Diet, keto diet, paleo diet, or Weight Watchers, you can find grouper recipes that will work well with your healthy eating plan. Grouper is also great for making fish sticks.

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The best grouper recipe has just a few ingredients and instructions that are easy to follow. Are you ready for some excellent grouper recipes? Let’s explore some delicious fish recipes.

Bahamian Boiled Fish

Boiled fish is a popular traditional dish in the Bahamas. To make this delicious fish recipe, you’re going to poach your grouper fillet in a broth that’s made with thyme and fresh lemon juice.

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Fish Chowder

A steaming bowl of soup or stew is always welcome on a cold day, and you can make this fish chowder and serve it with crusty bread and a green salad for a full meal.

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Pan-Seared Grouper with Capers Recipe

For this fish recipe, your grouper is seared in olive oil and butter before it’s served in a delicious caper and lemon pan sauce.

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Psari Plaki

A traditional Greek dish, Psari Plaki is a great recipe to add to your collection of international recipes. This baked fish recipe is made with onion, tomato, leeks, garlic, Greek oregano, fresh parsley, and olive oil.

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