30+ Easy & Delicious Smoker Recipes

When it comes to cooking outside, nothing beats a grill or a smoker. Smoking meat is a great way to bring out so much delicious flavor.

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The best way to cook your food in a smoker meat recipe is to make sure there is a low temperature so the food gets cooked thoroughly while getting as much flavor as possible.

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You’ll learn how to cook some vegetables, fruits, meats, and even pastries in the smoker with these electric smoker recipes. You don’t even have to have any experience with smoking food in order to make these delicious smoked meat recipes.

Smoked French Fries

Smoking your fries will give them that special barbecue touch that’ll make them the hit of your next cookout.  It’s worth it though, because once you’ve had these fries, you won’t be going back to normal fries anytime soon.

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Smoked Pineapple

When you end up cooking something with a lot of sugar like a pineapple, it will caramelize and get that perfect sweetness.

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Smoked Cheese and Green Onion Waffle

Waffles have that sweet profile that everyone loves with a little bit of maple syrup. Where you can separate your waffles from everyone else is using this cheese and green onion recipe.

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Smoked Prime Rib

When you are going all out and getting yourself a prime rib then you need to smoke it up. Traditionally, you want to roast the prime rib but putting it on your smoker for a few hours beforehand will give it that nice smoky taste.

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