Our 30+ BEST Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes

When you need a meal that is easy to make but has a ton of flavor, instant pot ground beef recipes are the perfect option.

Ground beef is super easy to cook up for lunch or dinner, and any recipe that calls for ground beef can also be made with any type of ground meat, including ground pork, ground turkey, and ground chicken. From the delicious hamburger to taco casserole, there is something on this list for everyone.

With just a few ingredients, you can have a delicious and hearty instant pot ground beef recipe served in no time.

Instant Pot has revolutionized the way you cook, offering convenience and speed in the kitchen. One ingredient that always seems to be in abundance is ground beef, an affordable and versatile protein that can easily become the star of many dishes. In this article, we’ll discuss some mouthwatering Instant Pot ground beef recipes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and make mealtime a breeze.

With the Instant Pot, you can save time without sacrificing flavor and quality in your ground beef dishes. Whether you’re interested in trying a new spin on a classic recipe or exploring exciting, international cuisines, these recipes will not only impress you with their delicious results but also demonstrate the prowess of the Instant Pot.

Experimenting with a variety of ingredients, spices, and techniques will not only enhance your culinary skills but also provide interesting and diverse meal options for you and your family. So grab your Instant Pot, some ground beef, and prepare yourself for a tasty adventure as we delve into these easy-to-follow recipes.

Ground beef instant pot recipes are super simple to make. Once you throw everything in the pot, you just have to wait for it to cook. This makes them perfect for a busy weeknight meal.

Settle in and take a look through these ground beef instapot recipes so you don’t have to keep spending all night in the kitchen.

Source: cookingperfected.com

1. Instant Pot Korean Beef

You can get all the great flavors of Korean BBQ right in your own kitchen with this instant pot Korean beef recipe. The beef is cooked until it’s nice and tender in a sweet and savory sauce.

You can put this over a bed of rice or just cook a bunch of veggies and have at it.

Source: skinnycomfort.com

2. Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff

You’ll still get the same great flavors from the classic beef straganoff that you know and love except it will be in half the time.

Throw on some fresh chopped parsley or chives to really give this meal something special for the dinner guests.

Source: lecremedelacrumb.com

3. Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon

Another fancy French dish is this delicious instant pot beef bourguignon. The beef is cooked in a red wine sauce until it’s fall-apart tender.

It’s served over some creamy mashed potatoes and topped with crispy bacon. It’s the perfect dish for a special occasion.

Source: crayonsandcravings.com

4. Cheesy Beef Enchilada Pasta

You’ll get the best combination of Mexican food and Italian food with this dish. It’s perfect for a night when you’re craving something a little bit different.

Just be sure to have some sour cream and avocado on hand to top it off but this cheesy beef enchilada pasta is perfect for the instant pot slow cooker.

Source: jocooks.com

5. Beef Burgundy

Beef burgundy is a classic French dish that is perfect for a special occasion. The beef is cooked in red wine and herbs until it’s just falling apart tender.

It’s served over some delicious mashed potatoes and topped with green beans. You’ll love the rich and flavorful sauce in this beef burgundy recipe.

Source: jocooks.com

6. Instant Pot Chili Mac

Who doesn’t love a good chili mac? This recipe is the perfect comfort food for a winter night. It’s packed with flavor and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied.

If you want to make it a little bit healthier, you can always swap out the ground beef for ground turkey. You’ll get all the classic ingredients from chili-like cumin, garlic, onions, and peppers.

Source: easyweeknightrecipes.com

7. Mongolian Beef

This classic takeout meal can be made right at home with this instant pot Mongolian beef recipe. The beef is cooked until it’s nice and tender in a delicious sauce.

You can even add some vegetables to the dish if you want. It’s a quick and easy meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Source: 365daysofcrockpot.com

8. Instant Pot Porcupine Meatballs

Don’t be afraid to try these unique porcupine meatballs. They get their name from the rice that pokes out of the meatballs while they cook.

Ground beef, rice, tomato sauce, and onions come together to make these delicious and easy-to-make meatballs in the instant pot air fryer.

Source: thechunkychef.com

9. Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa

Mix up your regular meal rotation with this delicious instant pot beef barbacoa. The beef is cooked to perfection with some amazing spices.

It’s perfect for making tacos, burritos, or even just eating on its own. You’re going to love the flavors in this beef barbacoa recipe.

Source: thecentsableshopping.com

10. Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes just got better for everyone because now they can be made in a fraction of the time. You’ll still get that same great flavor from the sweet and savory sauce.

You’ll get all the classic ingredients like ground beef, ketchup, brown sugar, and mustard. Serve them up on a bun for a quick and easy meal.

Source: savorynothings.com

11. Instant Pot Meatloaf and Potatoes

Get the southern home cooking you’ve always wanted with this delicious instant pot meatloaf and potatoes. The meatloaf is cooked right in the gravy so it’s extra moist and flavorful.

The potatoes are also cooked in the gravy so they’re soft and creamy. It’s a hearty meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Source: berrymaple.com

12. Instant Pot Hamburger Soup

If you’re looking for instant pot hamburger recipes then this one is a must-try. It’s simple, hearty, and will definitely satisfy your hunger.

You’ll get all the classic flavors from a good old fashioned hamburger soup. With just a few minutes of prep time, you can have an instant pot pressure cooker recipe you can’t get enough of.

Source: thekitchn.com

13. Instant Pot Burrito Bowls

Save yourself the carbs and create these delicious instant pot burrito bowls instead. You’ll get all the flavors of a burrito without the tortilla.

The best part is that you can customize them however you want. Add your favorite toppings and you’ll have a dish that is all your own.

Source: 12tomatoes.com

14. Instant Pot Cheesy Hamburger Potato Casserole

Here’s an alternative take on the instant pot hamburger recipe but with a lot more flavor.

You can use any type of potato that you like for this dish. Just make sure that they are chopped into small pieces so they cook evenly in the pot.

Source: skinnytaste.com

15. Picadillo

Picadillo is made with ground beef, tomatoes, and spices. It’s a hearty dish that is perfect for the family because you’ll have a ton of it leftover.

You can serve it over some rice or even put it in a taco shell. No matter how you eat it, you’re going to love this picadillo recipe.

Source: sweetandsavorymeals.com

16. Instant Pot Cheeseburger Macaroni

Hamburger instant pot recipes with ground beef don’t get much better than adding some macaroni and cheese into the mix. This dish is definitely a kid-friendly meal that they will love.

Source: blog.williams-sonoma.com

17. Easy Instant Pot Bolognese

When you want a sophisticated Italian meal but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen, this easy instant pot bolognese is the answer.

The pasta is cooked in the sauce so it absorbs all the delicious flavors. It’s an easy meal that will wow your taste buds away.

Source: wholesomeyum.com

18. Keto Low Carb Beef Chili

Keep your healthy eating habits going with this keto low carb beef chili. It’s perfect for those on a ketogenic diet or just looking for a healthy meal.

You’ll get all the classic chili flavors like cheesy ground beef, onions, peppers, and garlic. With just a few simple swaps, you can make this dish keto-friendly.

Source: modernmealmakeover.com

19. Instant Pot Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

All the classic flavors of a Philly cheesesteak are packed into this delicious pasta dish. You’ll get tender steak, onions, and peppers all cooked in a cheesy sauce.

It’s the perfect meal for those nights when you’re craving something a little bit different. Plus, it’s ready in just minutes thanks to the instant pot pressure cooking.

Source: togetherasafamily.com

20. Instant Pot Ground Beef Lazy Lasagna

You probably thought you couldn’t get lazier than an instant pot but this dish takes it to a whole new level. It’s the perfect meal for when you just don’t feel like cooking.

You’ll get all the flavors of lasagna without having to spend hours in the kitchen. This dish is packed with lean ground beef, cheese, and pasta sauce.

Source: thekitchengirl.com

21. Instant Pot Spaghetti

Spaghetti is already easy to make but it just got better in this instant pot recipe. You’ll get all the classic flavors of this dish with frozen ground beef, onions, and garlic.

The pasta is cooked to perfection in the sauce so you don’t have to worry about it being overcooked. Just add some cheese on top and you’re good to go.

Source: happyfoodstube.com

22. Instant Pot Stuffed Peppers

Instant pot stuffed peppers are a great way to get your daily dose of veggies. They’re packed with ground meat, rice, and tomato sauce.

Source: corriecooks.com

23. Easy Beef Egg Roll in a Bowl

Egg rolls are a classic Chinese dish but they can be a little bit time consuming to make. This easy beef egg roll in a bowl recipe solves that problem.

You’ll get all the flavors of an egg roll without having to cook everything. The beef is cooked with onions and garlic and then tossed with some delicious seasonings.

Source: simplyhappyfoodie.com

24. Instant Pot Taco Soup

Imagine having all the same great flavors of tacos but in soup form. That’s what you’ll get with this instant pot taco soup recipe.

It’s a delicious and hearty soup that is perfect for those cold winter nights. You’ll get ground beef, beans, corn, and all the classic taco toppings.

Source: thisfarmgirlcooks.com

25. Instant Pot Pasta e Fagioli

Italian soups have a ton of flavor and this pressure cook pasta e fagioli is no exception. It’s a hearty soup your family will love because it pleases almost any palate.

You’ll get all the flavors of Italy with ground beef, pasta, and beans. It’s easy to make and the perfect meal for the entire family.

Source: pressurecookingtoday.com

26. Instant Pot Cabbage Rolls

Here’s a healthy meal you can make in the instant pot. These cabbage rolls are stuffed with ground beef, rice, and spices.

They’re cooked in a delicious tomato sauce that really brings out the flavors. You might want to make some extra because people at the table will be asking for seconds.

Source: wholeandheavenlyoven.com

27. Easy One-Pot Ravioli Soup

When a pasta is stuffed with cheese you can’t go wrong . This easy one-pot ravioli soup is a great way to get your Italian fix.

Source: fedandfit.com

28. Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli with Rice

This classic beef and broccoli Asian dish is taken to the next level with the instant pot. The beef is cooked to perfection and the broccoli is nice and tender.

Ground Beef Insta Pot Recipes

You’ll find a huge variety of ground beef recipes instant pot worthy that not only cook in a short time but also have a ton of flavor. That’s what is so great about this kitchen tool is how easy it makes your life. The next time you need instant pot recipes ground beef included then you know exactly where to find them.

Our 30+ BEST Instant Pot Ground Beef Recipes (+Instant Pot Sloppy Joes)

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Total Time 6 hours 33 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 375 kcal


  • 1 pound browned ground meat
  • 3 minced garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup tomato ketchup
  • 2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon each garlic powder salt, onion powder
  • 6 ounces each tomato paste and water


  • Combine all ingredients in the Instant Pot.
  • Cook for 4 minutes on high.


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Calories: 375kcal
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