Drink Recipes

Spinach Smoothie

spinach smoothie

If you ever find yourself needing a quick energy boost, we’ve got a solution for you. All you need to do is whip up this tasty and simple spinach smoothie. Spinach smoothie recipes give you a healthy treat that is full of beneficial veggies and fruits, including sliced bananas, frozen pineapple chunks, baby spinach leaves, …

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Easy Thai Iced Tea Recipe (Homemade Thai Tea)

Whether you like Thai food or not, you’ll love Thai tea. It’s a delicious, orange-colored, sweetened beverage to freshen you up anytime. When prepared the right way, it absorbs the delightful flavors from the tea leaves and spices which are countered with sweeteners to offer a balanced taste. Usually, Thai tea consists of green or …

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê Sữa Đá)

In Vietnam, coffee is a way of life and not just a beverage. Not to mention, Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, only surpassed by Brazil, which explains the Vietnamese fierce coffee culture. Vietnamese coffee is creamy, rich, sweet, flavorful, and the perfect way to get a caffeine fix in the morning or afternoon. …

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Guide to Blue Curacao

Blue lagoon cocktail with blue curacao liqueur, vodka, lemon juice and soda.

When you throw blue curacao into a drink it transforms it into something magical. If there’s one liqueur that best represents a tropical vacation, it has to be Blue Curacao. This sweet, fruity liqueur has an unmistakable tropical flavor that’s clean, pure, and simple. And the color is the perfect shade of island blue that …

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36 Easy Mixed Drinks

cocktail drinks on bar

Most of us love enjoying simple mixed drinks and cocktails from time to time, and we love it when we discover easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. Creating no-muss, no-fuss mixed drinks is super easy, and there’s almost no way to mess up when using the proper measurements. These are also great cocktails to …

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