Easy & Delicious Stale Bread Recipes to Use It Up

Certainly, you can freeze your bread if you’re proactive, and this is great. However, we don’t always think to freeze half a loaf of bread when we bring it home from the grocery store.

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The best solution for stale bread is to have some recipes lined up to create some comfort food. 

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In this postle, I will cover 16 stale bread recipes to help you use it up. So, next time your bread goes stale, you have plenty of ideas to work with instead of throwing it away!

Baked French Toast Casserole

If you like French toast, you’re going to love this French toast recipe. It’s rich, yummy, and you’d never know it was made with leftover bread!

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Herb Stuffing

This herb stuffing recipe takes any recipe to the next level, and couldn’t be easier to make with stale bread.

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Bread Pudding Muffins 

Bread pudding muffins are another great sweet recipe for stale bread. Pair with a hot cup of tea!

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Bruschetta With Tomato And Basil

Bruschetta is absolutely delicious to make with stale bread, and couldn’t be simpler to throw together! 

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