Enoki Mushroom Recipes

If you’re looking for an enoki mushroom recipe you can use to make at home that won’t take up your entire evening, you’ve come to the right place.

You might have also seen enokitake or enokitake mushroom listed but it’s the exact same mushroom.

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Enoki Mushroom Recipes

If you’re wondering how to cook enoki mushrooms then these recipes will give you something easy to start with.

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Spicy Enoki Mushroom

When you’re looking for something simple that can still make a big impact, try out this spicy enoki mushroom recipe.  The spicy flavor is going to make these mushrooms a hit at any party or gathering.

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Enoki Miso Soup

Miso soup is well known as a Japanese dish that can be eaten plain or along with other ingredients to make a full meal.  You can add tofu, scallions, and even seaweed to the soups to make it tastier and more filling.

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Chilled Tofu Enoki Salad

This dish is going to take some patience to create but that’s what makes it so dang good.  For starters, have you ever heard of twisted tofu knots? Neither had we until we tried this recipe.

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Enoki Garlic and Scallion

You won’t find an enoki mushroom taste with as much flavor as this enoki garlic and scallion dish because the flavors blend together perfectly to provide a party for your taste buds.

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