21+ Creative Food Processor Recipes You Must Try

Thanks to food processors, we can prepare food in ways that our ancestors never imagined. These handy small kitchen appliances are perfect for making foods like hummus and nut butter.

There are so many things to make in a food processor. From salsa to carrot cake, there’s no end to the recipes you can make with this wondrous small kitchen appliance.

Creative Food Processor Recipes 

In this list of the 21 best food processor recipes, you will find something for any occasion. Let’s get busy!


We love that this recipe has both red and green cabbage, along with carrots, so it’s gorgeously colorful. The tiny flecks of chopped flat parsley make it even prettier.

Strawberry Puree

Do you like a vegan strawberry sauce for desserts like angel food cake, ice cream, pound cake, or cheesecake? Well, it’s incredibly easy to make a strawberry sauce for your ice cream right at home.

Toasted Breadcrumbs

There are so many great uses for toasted breadcrumbs, and breadcrumbs are one of our favorite food processor recipes. To make your breadcrumbs, just toast your bread first, then put your crispy toast in the food processor.


Hummus is a dip that seems to intimidate home cooks, but it’s actually quite easy to make homemade hummus if you have a food processor.

Easy Cheese Dip

Whether you’re serving appetizers for an elegant get-together or for your Super Bowl crowd, this easy cheese dip is sure to please everyone.

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