Best Grills for Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is a popular and delicious way to enjoy a variety of grilled meats and vegetables. This traditional cooking style has gained immense popularity worldwide, thanks to its unique flavors and interactive dining experience. The key component of any Korean BBQ feast is the grill itself, which can turn your dinner table into a smoky, flavorful culinary adventure.

Grills designed for Korean BBQ are essential for replicating that authentic taste and atmosphere. There are various types of grills available, made from different materials like cast iron, non-stick, or stainless steel. Some grills are gas-powered, while others are electric or even charcoal-based. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice will depend on factors such as cooking preferences, portability, and ease of cleaning.

When purchasing a grill for Korean BBQ, it’s crucial to consider its size, heat distribution, and durability. A good grill should be large enough to accommodate multiple types of meat and vegetables simultaneously, without overcrowding the surface. Heat distribution is also essential, as it ensures that every morsel is cooked evenly, making it as tender and delicious as possible. A durable, high-quality construction will ensure the grill lasts for many delightful Korean BBQ gatherings.

With these factors in mind, we spent hours researching and testing several grills for Korean BBQ to help you find the perfect grill that suits your taste buds. Now, let’s delve into our top picks and explore their distinctive features, allowing you to experience authentic Korean BBQ right at your own home.

Best Grills for Korean BBQ

We have compiled a list of the top grills for making delicious Korean BBQ right at home. Check out our recommendations below to elevate your cooking experience and impress your friends and family!

TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan

TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan

This TECHEF grill pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen, providing amazing grilled flavors and convenience.


  • Efficient heat distribution
  • Unique swirled channel design for added flavor
  • Healthy fat/grease draining system


  • Not suitable for large gatherings
  • Might require a compatible stovetop
  • Takes extra caution with temperature settings

We recently tried the TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan and were amazed by the flavors it unlocks when grilling. The heavy-gauge aluminum construction ensures even heat distribution while the unique swirled channel design helps oils drain slowly, enhancing the taste of our grilled food.

Using the fat/grease draining system facilitated a healthier cooking experience, especially when cooking pork belly or other meats that tend to release a lot of fat. Though the pan is perfect for cooking at home, we found it might not be the best choice for large gatherings. However, it is a great way to enjoy Korean BBQ indoors without having to rely on weather conditions.

The TECHEF grill pan is oven safe up to 450ºF and dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean and store. Keep in mind that it works well on smooth surface induction and gas stovetops but may require compatibility checks with other types. Also, pay attention to temperature settings while cooking, as the pan heats up quickly, which could cause food to burn if not monitored closely.

In conclusion, if you love the taste of Korean BBQ and want the perfect grill pan to recreate that experience at home, the TECHEF Stovetop Indoor Korean BBQ Grill Pan is a great choice. With its high-quality construction and innovative design features, it is sure to provide you with memorable meals and a healthier cooking experience.

Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

Bring the fun of outdoor grilling indoors with this versatile and easy-to-use electric grill.


  • Large grilling surface with nonstick coating
  • Adjustable temperature control up to 450°F
  • Dishwasher-safe detachable parts


  • Takes up a significant amount of space
  • May produce some smoke during use
  • Heavy for some users

Our experience with the Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill has been a joy for the most part. The large 14″ grilling surface allowed us to cook a variety of foods at once, making it perfect for family dinners and gatherings. The nonstick coating worked like a charm, preventing food from sticking and making the cooking process hassle-free.

We appreciated the adjustable temperature control, which ranges up to 450°F, allowing us to cook various types of meat and vegetables to perfection. One of our favorite features is the dishwasher-safe detachable parts. It made cleaning up a breeze, allowing us to spend more time enjoying our delicious meals and less time scrubbing the grill.

However, we did notice some drawbacks with this indoor grill. Its size may be a challenge for those with limited kitchen space, as it takes up a substantial amount of room. Additionally, we did experience some smoke production while using the grill, so it’s a good idea to have proper ventilation or cook under a kitchen fan. Lastly, weighing in at 6 pounds, this grill might be considered heavy for some users.

In conclusion, the Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill is an excellent option for those looking to enjoy barbecued food indoors. Its large grilling surface, adjustable temperature, and easy cleanup make up for any shortcomings it may have.

Baffect BBQ Charcoal Grill

Baffect BBQ Charcoal Grill

This 13.7-inch non-stick stainless steel grill is perfect for Korean BBQ enthusiasts who want a versatile yet portable option for outdoor and indoor cooking.


  • Easy to start and versatile for different cooking styles
  • High-quality food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Excellent heat control with adjustable ventilation


  • May be small for larger gatherings
  • Flimsy construction in some parts
  • Requires special care to avoid chipping non-stick surface

We recently tried out the Baffect BBQ Charcoal Grill, and we were quite pleased with its performance. The grill was easy to assemble and start, making it perfect for impromptu BBQ parties. We could choose between using the grill pan or grill net, depending on our preference, which allowed us to try different Korean barbecue styles.

The materials used are of top quality, so we felt at ease knowing that the grill is made from food-grade stainless steel. The heat control was also a significant factor, as we were able to adjust the ventilation to ensure the perfect cooking temperature. The non-stick surface made cooking and cleaning up afterwards a breeze, which is always a plus.

However, we did notice that the grill may not be suitable for larger gatherings due to its size. Additionally, some parts seemed to be a bit flimsy, so proper care is needed when using and maintaining this grill. Also, be careful not to chip the non-stick surface, as that could affect its performance.

Overall, we think the Baffect BBQ Charcoal Grill is a great option for those who are looking for a versatile and easy-to-use grill for Korean barbecue. Its quality materials and excellent heat control make it perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking. Just be mindful of its size and take extra care to maintain its non-stick surface.

AdikeMicegen Puraville Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Puraville Charcoal Barbecue Grill for Korean BBQ

This AdikeMicegen grill is perfect for your Korean BBQ needs because of its portability and efficient design.


  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Two types of roasting for various food thicknesses
  • Adjustable flame for better control


  • Requires precautions to protect furniture from high temperatures
  • Charcoal blocks not included
  • Galvanized alloy charcoal bowl may look dull

This portable AdikeMicegen Puraville Charcoal Barbecue Grill is designed to help you experience authentic Korean BBQ at home or outdoors. With its easy assembly, we found it simple to start cooking right away. The grill even comes with two types of roasting options: a pan for thinner foods like bacon and shrimp, and a mesh for thicker items.

One feature that stood out to us while using the grill was its adjustable flame. The special vent at the bottom helps you control airflow during barbecuing, ensuring perfect results. However, make sure to place a support or cushion under the grill before using it to prevent any damage to your furniture from the high temperatures.

The grill comes with some useful extras like a silicone cooking brush, food tong, sauce squeeze bottles, and salt and pepper shakers. However, we noticed that the galvanized alloy charcoal bowl may appear dull, but it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the grill. Just remember that this product does not include charcoal blocks, so you’ll need to purchase those separately. Overall, the AdikeMicegen Puraville Charcoal Barbecue Grill is a great addition to your Korean BBQ setup, offering flexibility and user-friendly features for an enjoyable cooking experience.

CookKing Master Grill Pan

CookKing Master Grill Pan

We highly recommend the CookKing Master Grill Pan for an authentic and enjoyable Korean BBQ experience at home.


  • Excellent nonstick titanium coating
  • Fat/grease draining system for healthier cooking
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Smoky when cooking certain foods
  • May not fit all stove types
  • Some users may find cleaning a challenge

Our first experience with the CookKing Master Grill Pan left us quite impressed with its nonstick titanium coating. The coating allowed us to easily cook various types of meats and vegetables without any trouble. Not only did the food cook evenly, but it also had that authentic Korean BBQ taste that we’re sure you’ll love.

We particularly appreciated the fat and grease draining system this grill pan offers. It is perfect for those who want to keep their diet low-fat and healthy, as it helps control fat, cholesterol, carb, and calorie intake. We had a great time using this grill pan to create delicious and more nutritious BBQ dishes.

One thing to keep in mind is that the grill pan can be a bit smoky when cooking certain foods. However, this also contributes to achieving that authentic Korean BBQ flavor. Despite the occasional smoke, we found this product perfect for both outdoor and indoor cooking experiences.

Some users might find this grill pan challenging to fit on their stovetop due to its size. While it was not an issue for us, it’s worth noting that the pan may not fit all stove types. Furthermore, although the nonstick coating makes the pan relatively easy to clean, some users may have trouble cleaning the grooves.

Overall, we believe the CookKing Master Grill Pan is an excellent investment for anyone who loves Korean BBQ. Its performance, quality, and innovation make it a must-have for BBQ enthusiasts.

ZAIGLE Premium Korean BBQ Grill


The ZAIGLE Premium Korean BBQ Grill offers an exceptional cooking experience with its versatile and adaptable design, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • All-purpose grill, perfect for various cooking styles
  • Compatible with any heat source
  • Non-stick surface ensures easy cooking and cleaning


  • Heavier than some other grills
  • Requires separate heat source
  • Longer waiting time for delivery

We recently got our hands on the ZAIGLE Premium Korean BBQ Grill, and we have been blown away by its performance. The all-purpose grill is perfect for any kitchen setup, allowing us to prepare a variety of delicious meals in no time. Its versatile design allows it to be used with any heat source, including induction stoves, campfires, gas burners, and electric ranges.

What really stands out about this grill is its non-stick surface. Not only does it make cooking a breeze, but it also ensures that cleanup is quick and easy. We didn’t have to worry about scrubbing away stubborn food residue, saving us time and effort in the kitchen.

The innovative design of the ZAIGLE grill is another aspect that we appreciate. Its unique tree ring pattern ensures even heat distribution and efficient oil management, leading to perfectly cooked meals every time. Made from 5 individual layers, the durability and wear-resistance of this grill is impressive, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Although this grill is slightly heavier than some other models, its performance more than makes up for the extra weight. Despite having to wait a little longer for delivery, the ZAIGLE Premium Korean BBQ Grill has become our go-to cooking companion for both indoor and outdoor events. We highly recommend anyone looking to elevate their Korean BBQ experience to give this grill a try.

Primst Multifunctional Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Primst Multifunctional Charcoal Barbecue Grill

This portable grill is ideal for small gatherings and offers a versatile cooking experience for Korean BBQ enthusiasts.


  • Convenient roasting options
  • Reliable, durable stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable flame size


  • Not suitable for large groups
  • May require heat mat for safety
  • May develop rust over time

We recently had the chance to test out the Primst Multifunctional Charcoal Barbecue Grill and found it to be a great addition to our outdoor cooking arsenal. Setting it up was a breeze, and we appreciated the variety of ways we could use it, including grilling meats, veggies, and even making soup.

The durable stainless steel construction gave us confidence that this grill would be able to withstand frequent use. However, we recommend using a heat mat under the grill to prevent any damage to surfaces due to high heat. The adjustable flame size allows for versatile cooking, letting us tackle a range of dishes with ease.

One downside we experienced was that the grill may not be suitable for large groups. If you’re planning to entertain a crowd, you might want to consider investing in a larger grill. Additionally, we noticed some rust developing on the grill after a few uses, so keep this in mind and make sure to clean and store it properly.

All things considered, we believe the Primst Multifunctional Charcoal Barbecue Grill is perfect for small gatherings and those looking for a portable option for Korean BBQ. Just don’t forget to have a heat mat handy and be prepared for some possible rusting with extended use.

SCSP Korean BBQ Grill

SCSP Grill

The SCSP Korean BBQ Grill is a versatile and easy-to-use addition to your cooking arsenal, perfect for both home and outdoor use.


  • 6-layer non-stick coating for smooth cooking
  • Lightweight and portable for camping or outdoor BBQs
  • Can cook a variety of dishes, including bulgogi, pancakes, and stir-fries


  • Handles get hot during use
  • Shallow bottom requires a level surface
  • Not dishwasher safe

We recently had the pleasure of using the SCSP Korean BBQ Grill and were quite impressed by its performance. The 6-layer non-stick coating not only made cooking a breeze, but it also allowed for easy cleanup afterwards. It was perfect for our outdoor barbecue gathering, and its lightweight design made it easy to transport and set up.

When we cooked dishes like pork belly and stir-fried meat, the heat distribution was even and yielded excellent results. However, we noticed that the handles got hot during use, so it’s essential to have some oven mitts or protective gloves on hand when cooking. The shallow bottom of the grill also means it needs to be placed on a level surface to prevent any food from sliding off or uneven cooking.

Aside from these minor drawbacks, the SCSP Korean BBQ Grill is a fantastic cooking tool that is not only versatile but also great for both home and outdoor use. The fact that it’s made with safe and healthy materials only adds to its appeal. Just remember that it’s not dishwasher safe, so it will need to be hand-washed after use.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient grill for Korean BBQ and other dishes, the SCSP Korean BBQ Grill is definitely worth considering. Just keep in mind the hot handles and the need for a level surface, and you’ll have a great cooking experience.

CHYIR Korean Style BBQ Grill Pan

CHYIR Korean Style BBQ Grill Pan

This grill pan is perfect for anyone who enjoys Korean-style BBQ, as it provides a non-stick and smokeless cooking experience.


  • Maifan non-stick coated surface
  • Smokeless design with oil drainage system
  • Suitable for multiple cooking methods


  • May cook foods slowly
  • Tube for oil in the center can get clogged
  • Oil drainage screw might not let enough oil through

We recently tried out the CHYIR Korean Style BBQ Grill Pan and were quite impressed with its maifan non-stick coated surface. This feature made the grilling process seamless and hassle-free. Furthermore, the smokeless design helped us to enjoy healthy and delicious Korean BBQ without the concern of excessive smoke.

The grill pan’s bottom has a hole oil design that ensures the oil droplets don’t drip onto the stove. Additionally, it offers a screw function in the middle that allows control over oil output. However, we found that it could be a bit slow in cooking and generated some smoke. We also noticed that the tube for the oil in the middle can become clogged. Therefore, proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure its optimal performance.

One feature we thoroughly appreciated was the grill pan’s versatility. Not only is it perfect for cooking diverse types of meat and vegetables, but it is also ideal for both indoor stove-tops and outdoor usage, such as camping or parties. The experience of cooking with this grill pan felt very convenient and enjoyable overall.

In conclusion, the CHYIR Korean Style BBQ Grill Pan is a great investment for those who enjoy preparing tasty Korean BBQ at home. With its non-stick and smokeless features, we believe that it can provide a fulfilling and satisfying cooking experience. Just ensure that you clean and maintain it properly to avoid any oil clogging issues.

UPIT Korean BBQ Egg Grill Pan

UPIT Korean BBQ Egg Grill Pan

This grill pan is a perfect addition to your kitchen, offering even heating, versatility, and easy cleaning for Korean BBQ lovers.


  • Durable nonstick coating and even heat conduction
  • Compatible with all heat sources, including induction
  • Built-in grease draining system and non-stick surface for easy cleaning


  • Takes a while to heat up
  • May not work well on high heat with induction cooktops
  • Side dishes spaces could be larger

We recently tried out the UPIT Korean BBQ Egg Grill Pan, and we couldn’t be happier with its performance. The enhanced thickness and nonstick coating ensure that our meats turn out perfectly juicy and crispy without sticking to the pan. The even heat conduction has made a noticeable difference in the quality of our BBQ.

This grill pan is incredibly versatile as it’s compatible with all stovetops, induction, grills, hot plates, and electro. The lightweight and portable design allows you to cook both indoors and outdoors easily. The built-in grease draining system and non-stick surface make cleaning it after each use a breeze.

While we enjoyed cooking our favorite meats on this pan, we would recommend allowing it to heat up properly before starting to cook, as it may take a bit longer than expected. Additionally, some users have reported issues with high heat and induction cooktops, so you may want to keep an eye on the temperature while using it on induction.

One of the notable features is the three side dish spaces on the edge of the pan, which are perfect for cooking eggs, garlic, and kimchi. However, these spaces could be larger to accommodate more side dishes simultaneously. Overall, the UPIT Korean BBQ Egg Grill Pan is a great investment for those who love Korean BBQ and want a durable, versatile, and easy-to-clean grill pan to enhance their cooking experience.

Buying Guide

When it comes to finding the perfect grill for our Korean BBQ adventures, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the key features to look out for and help you choose the best product for your needs.

Size First, consider the size of the grill. This will largely depend on the number of people joining you for the Korean BBQ experience. A smaller grill might be ideal for us if we plan to have an intimate dinner with a few friends, while a larger one would be more suitable for frequent gatherings and larger parties.

Heat Source Next, think about the heat source. Most Korean BBQ grills are either gas or electric powered. Gas grills tend to heat up faster and provide a more authentic grilling experience. On the other hand, electric grills are more convenient to set up and use, especially if you don’t have access to an outdoor space.

Material The material of the grill is another important aspect to keep in mind. Stainless steel grills are durable and easy to clean, so they might be a good option. Cast iron grills, although heavy and requiring proper care, provide excellent heat retention and distribution.

Non-stick Surface A non-stick surface is essential for our Korean BBQ grills because it prevents food from sticking, making the clean-up process much easier. Look for grills coated with a high-quality non-stick layer, as this will ensure a hassle-free cooking experience.

Portability Lastly, if we plan to enjoy Korean BBQ in different locations, such as picnics or outdoor events, opt for a portable grill. These grills are usually lightweight and come with features like foldable legs and compact designs, making them easy to transport and store.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the best Korean BBQ grill for our needs. By focusing on these key features and our personal preferences, we will find the perfect grill to make those delicious Korean BBQ dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of grill is suitable for indoor Korean BBQ?

For indoor Korean BBQ, we recommend using an electric or gas-powered grill with a non-stick surface and a built-in smoke extractor. These types of grills help prevent smoke from filling your kitchen and make it easier to cook thin slices of meat quickly.

How to choose a smokeless grill for Korean BBQ?

When choosing a smokeless grill for Korean BBQ, consider the following factors:

  1. Grill size: Make sure the grill is large enough to accommodate the amount of food you plan to cook.
  2. Temperature control: Adjustable temperature controls allow for precise cooking.
  3. Drip tray: A built-in drip tray collects grease, preventing flare-ups and minimizing smoke.
  4. Smoke extractor: A built-in smoke extractor helps to minimize the smoke produced while grilling indoors.

Which fuel is better for Korean BBQ: gas or charcoal?

Both gas and charcoal grills have their benefits for Korean BBQ. Gas grills heat up quickly and provide consistent temperatures, while charcoal grills give the meat a rich, smoky flavor. We recommend trying both types to see which one you prefer.

What are the best grill brands for Korean BBQ?

Some of the best grill brands for Korean BBQ include Weber, Cuisinart, Zojirushi, and Iwatani. These brands offer a range of options, from portable tabletop grills to larger, more powerful models. Always choose a reputable brand with good reviews to ensure quality and performance.

How hot should the grill be for optimal Korean BBQ cooking?

For optimal Korean BBQ cooking, we recommend preheating the grill to a medium-high heat (around 400°F or 200°C). This temperature allows the meat to cook quickly, searing the outside while retaining its tenderness inside. Adjust the heat as necessary for different cuts of meat and personal preferences.

What are some recommended cuts of meat for Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is known for showcasing a variety of meats, often thinly sliced or served in small, bite-sized pieces. Some popular cuts include:

  • Beef: Ribeye, short ribs, and brisket
  • Pork: Belly, shoulder, and neck
  • Chicken: Boneless thighs and breasts, marinated or plain
  • Seafood: Shrimp, squid, and scallops

Choose high-quality meats and marinate them in traditional Korean flavors such as soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) for an authentic experience.

Korean BBQ Grills: We Test the Top 10

These options are sure to be a hit. So, gather your family and friends and enjoy. Let us know your thoughts!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Korean
Servings 4
Calories 305 kcal


  • Nonstick Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill
  • Cusimax Raclette Grill Electric Grill Table
  • Techwood Smokeless Grill indoor Grill
  • Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet Indoor Electric Grill
  • Iwatani Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grill
  • Liven Electric Grill With Hot Pot
  • TECHEF - Stovetop Korean BBQ Non-Stick Grill Pan with Agni Portable Gas Stove Burner


  • pick a grill and enjoy


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Use in or with your favorite recipe.


Calories: 305kcal
Keyword korean bbq
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