How to Cook Rabbit In Wine Sauce

Rabbit meat is actually very tasty whether you’re making braised rabbit, rabbit stew, roasted rabbit, or rabbit ragu, your rabbit recipe can be delicious and full of flavor.

– Sunflower oil or olive oil – Rabbit defrosted and cut up – Cloves garlic – White wine – Chicken stock – Sea salt – Pepper – Fresh thyme


How to Cook Rabbit In Wine Sauce

Add oil to the pan and pre-heat. Make sure you’re using regular cooking oil: either sunflower or olive oil. Preferably you will use sunflower oil, as it has a higher heating point.

Add the pieces of rabbit and sear them for around 5 minutes per side, until they’re well-browned. Don’t try to rush this step, rabbit takes its time and it’s worth the patience!

While searing the rabbit, add the seasoning of your choice. You could also add other extra ingredients, such as chopped garlic for extra flavoring.

Once the rabbit is seared, turn the what down to medium and season again. Then it’s time to add the white wine! Deglaze with the wine, this will get all the caramelized juices and add a great flavoring.

Leave it to sit until the wine has evaporated. This will leave you with a syrupy substance in the pan. Now you add the chicken stock into the pan.

Take the pan and place it into an oven that has been preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

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