How To Make Mouthwatering Hawaiian Shrimp

If you want to try something new, why not give our Hawaiian shrimp recipe a go? This dish will whisk you away to a tropical island paradise, and is bursting with flavor!

– Shrimp – Garlic – Butter – Paprika – Flour – Olive oil – Sea salt


Step 1: 

Add your seasonings of salt, black pepper, flour and paprika into a resealable bag, and shake them to mix.

Step 2:

Place the shrimp inside the bag, ensuring it is sealed and allow the mixture to coat the shrimp fully.

Step 3: 

Grab a large iron skillet, and add your butter, allowing it to melt. Next, add your chopped up garlic and leave to sizzle for 2 or 3 minutes until cooked.

Step 4:

Take the garlic out of the skillet, and throw in a little olive oil.

Step 5: 

Once it has heated up, place the coated shrimp in the skillet.

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