How to Make Instant Pot Corned Beef with Cabbage

Originally a traditional Irish dish, corned beef, and cabbage is a delicious and hearty weekday meal that can be enjoyed all throughout the year, though it’s particularly popular during winter.

– Garlic – Carrots – Salt – Potatoes – Cabbage – Beef – Water


How to make Corned Beef Brisket

First, you’ll need to prepare your corned beef brisket ready for the slow cooker.

Once you have thoroughly given your brisket a wash, transfer it to your Instant Pot, placing it on the rack.

If you purchased a corned beef brisket that came with a seasoning packet, carefully cut it open and evenly sprinkle the seasoning across the top of your corned beef brisket.

Before you begin cooking, go ahead and place your garlic cloves directly on top of the corned beef brisket.

Then, pour in 3 to 4 cups of water around the beef, being careful not to disturb any of the seasoning or garlic cloves.

Now, it’s time to switch the cooker on and let the magic happen. Carefully fasten the lid over the top of your Instant Pot, and switch over the steam vent to the ‘Sealing’ option.

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