35+ Best Leftover Turkey Recipes


First of all, you can eat yummy leftovers for a few days, but also, you can freeze up this leftover turkey in zipped freezer bags. Then, you have cooked turkey ready to make easy weeknight dinners.

There are tons of great leftover turkey recipes and we are all over them. Here, we have compiled the 34 best leftover turkey recipes we could find. Enjoy!

Leftover Turkey Salad

It seems like every family has their own favorite turkey salad or chicken salad recipe. However, this one is worth a try because it’s a bit unusual. The secret to this turkey salad is the Dijon mustard and just a bit of sugar.

Turkey and Dumplings

These dumplings are delicious fluffy buttermilk dumplings that float to the top. They’re just that light. This recipe has a secret ingredient: apple cider.

Turkey Pot Pie Soup

This hearty soup has all of the wonderful ingredients that you would find in a turkey pot pie, but it’s all made in a steaming pot of soup on your stovetop.

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls

These turkey eggrolls are stuffed full of delicious turkey and served with a decadent cranberry dipping sauce. The golden-brown egg roll is super crispy and oh-so-satisfying.

Leftover Turkey Stroganoff

The traditional recipe usually has mushrooms and tender beef that’s served in a luscious creamy sour cream sauce. Serve this amazing dish over egg noodles. You can also serve it with rice.

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