What’s the Difference Between Longaniza and Chorizo?

If you’ve ever been to Spain, or you’ve tried some tapas when out and about, you will have likely gotten a taste of either longaniza, chorizo, or both!

They’re easy to confuse as the same because they look and taste very similar, and sometimes it seems as though they can be used interchangeably. However, they are very much different foods, despite their similarities.

Difference Between Longaniza and Chorizo

We will take a deeper look at what exactly longaniza and chorizo are, and give you some examples as to what types of recipes one and the other are best used for!

What is Longaniza?

Longaniza is essentially a type of Spanish sausage, made out of minced meat. It is highly popular in Spain, as well as in other Spanish-speaking countries. Longaniza is usually used as raw meat for cooking, shaped in long sausages (longer than chorizo).

What is Chorizo?

Chorizo is far better known than longaniza, as it is also widely used outside of Spain or Spanish-speaking countries. It is incredibly popular and can instantly add a ting of Spanish flavoring to any meal you’re cooking!

Recipes for longaniza

Longaniza can be eaten in a variety of different ways, as it can be cooked, smoked, fried, cured...basically, it’s very versatile.  The simple and popular longaniza recipe is Lentil Soup with Longaniza.

Recipes for chorizo

Chorizo is a lot more versatile than longaniza when it comes to cooking and different recipes. It is used with a lot more meals and is, therefore, a lot more popular and well-known. The popular chorizo recipe is Spicy tomato and chorizo pasta bake.

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