21+ Best Side Dishes For Pizza: What to Serve on Pizza Night

Pizza is one of the greatest Italian cuisine meals given to the rest of the world and the only problem is figuring out what to make as a side.

Note your favorite recipe when you’re wondering “What goes with pizza?” from below so you can create an entire experience, not just a good pizza.

Antipasto Salad

You don’t even need noodles to make a great classic Italian side. This antipasto recipe uses a bunch of veggies instead of carbs so it’s keto-friendly.


With pizza, soup makes an easy app to pair because it doesn’t take a lot of time to make but is a great balance to the heavy pizza.


You don’t need much in order to get the perfect side dish for pizza. Just try a simple mix of fruit because it balances out the heaviness of the cheese and spices.


It’s fresh, quick, and easy to make, so you’ll love it as well. Just make sure to throw down some olive oil before putting in the veggies.


There is nothing quite like a great cannoli and this Italian dessert is the perfect way to end the evening. You can buy pre-made cannoli shells if you want to save time.

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