Our 15 BEST Side Dishes for Shrimp

There are so many excellent ways to cook shrimp. In fact, shrimp is one of the foods that can be cooked in nearly every way imaginable.

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There are classic shrimp side dishes, but it’s also fun to get creative and try something different when we’re enjoying our shrimp.

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Amazing Side Dishes for Shrimp

Let’s dive into this diverse list of yummy side dishes for one of the world’s favorite seafood.

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Caesar Salad

A fresh green salad or iceberg salad is amazing, there’s just something slightly decadent about a Caesar salad. This salad originated with a chef named Caesar Cardini.

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Greek Veggie Salad

This vegetable salad is especially nice if you’re serving your shrimp with a heavy sauce or cheese pasta entree. Light veggie salads give you something light on the side to balance it out.

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Mango Guacamole

They’re both so lively and creamy. The epitome of what goes good with shrimp, this wonderful cold dish is especially yummy when served with homemade tortilla chips.

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Caprese Salad

This is an elegant salad that is easy to make. It also keeps well for the next day’s lunch. We recommend taking the extra step of the balsamic reduction because that really makes this salad so special.

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You can make your own homemade coleslaw dressing or buy it already made. If you want to make it yourself, rest assured that it’s super easy.

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