30+ Easy & Delicious Smoker Recipes


Smokers are a great way to add a unique and incredible flavor to your meals. When it comes to cooking outside, nothing beats a grill or a smoker. Smoking meat is a great way to bring out so much delicious flavor.

These smoker recipes have a little taste of everything you might love, from sweet to savory. Sit back and take notes on your favorite of the best smoker recipes here and try out your favorite today.

Smoked Green Beans

Green beans are a classic healthy side that, when smoked, can really elevate any meal you have. Throw in a bit of ham or bacon onto your green beans while smoking so you can really get that savory flavor with the healthy green beans.

Bacon Explosion

Do you like bacon? Better yet, do you love bacon? If you can’t get enough of the small strips of pork, then you’re in for a treat with this bacon explosion recipe.

Smoked Cake

Hold on a second. Smoking a cake? That’s crazy, right? The truth is, you’ve never had anything quite like it and it’s more than worth serving at your next get-together.

Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder

Pulled pork shoulder is meant for the smoker because it requires a long and slow cooking time in order for the meat to become tender and tasty.

Smoked Rainbow Trout

Trout is already a flavor-packed fish, but when you smoke it, it goes to an entirely new level of flavor. It’s got that subtle smokiness that doesn’t overpower the dish and you’ll be hooked on this new twist on trout after one taste.

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